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(VOVWORLD) - Map applications such as Google or Apple Maps are very popular among smartphone users because of their navigation and location-finding features. In Vietnam, domestic enterprises have tried their hand at this field, rolling out 100% made-by-Vietnam solutions. The 4D digital map – Map4D – created by IOT Link Technology Company is an example. Map4D with new features, suitable for Vietnamese people, helps reduce costs, minimize user data loss, and enhance national network security.
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IOTLink’s Map4D is the first and only home-grown digital mapping platform for Vietnam, created by Vietnamese engineers with consultations from leading Microsoft technology experts.

Map4D connects, shares, and synchronizes databases of geography, land, traffic, tourism, agriculture, national security, telecommunications, and construction, in the most optimal way. The platform plays an important role in the process of digital transformation and smart city deployment.

In addition to being a typical digital map, Map4D provides solutions to manage infrastructure and urban areas, and other smart apps, which help analysts and investors assess the current situation of cities, residential areas, and projects through “4D time dimension” and come up with a construction plan or site planning for the future. 

“This platform will serve many different fields, especially digital transformation, creation of digital copies for urban areas, and applications in smart cities. 4D is the element of time. For example, when we build a smart city in the future and do planning, the app can support the work effectively,” said Mr. Trinh Cong Duy, co-founder of IOTlink.
Map4D has been provided for free to more than 100 businesses in Vietnam. It is capable of integrating digitization, database and application management, as well as integrating advanced technology solutions on both web and app platforms. Map4D not only simulates 3D space, but also develops features to view density at different times. 

“The 3D feature allows users to experience real images of buildings. The 4D feature allows users to experience the time of a place, for example, how that place was in the past, how it will be in the future, how it is planned, helping users feel the changes in the flow of time. Those are features that no other digital map has offered so far,” Duong Manh Dung, Head of the Information Technology Department of IOTLink Company, said.

Created in 2018, Map4D has become popular after winning the 2021 Viet Solutions Competition organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Viettel Group. Winning the competition helped Map4D products reach many important partners who helped the product develop and find a foothold in the Vietnamese market. After the competition, Viettel and IOTLink signed a cooperation agreement to deploy Map4D in multiple Viettel projects, including the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) project.  

Map4D – Digital map for the Vietnamese - ảnh 2Le Dang Dung, former Chairman of the Viettel Technology Telecommunications Group. (Source:

“We look forward to cooperating with technology businesses. We help them with ideas to create the products with the highest quality to best serve the development of a digital society in Vietnam,” said Le Dang Dung, former Chairman of the Viettel Technology Telecommunications Group.

Besides its applications, Map4D also helps to ensure information safety and enhance national security, especially national sovereignty over the sea and islands. Instead of using a foreign platform, Map4D is located in Vietnam and the map data is completely controlled, ensuring high security.

Map4D has been officially confirmed by the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands to comply with Vietnam’s sea and island boundaries, providing another important certification for this product.  

“It’s important that the map accurately shows the boundary between Vietnam and other countries, especially in the sea and island areas. When we use Vietnamese products on Vietnamese technology platforms, we are being completely proactive in this matter,” Vu Minh Tri, Vice President of IOTLink said.

The national digital transformation program identifies mastering the digital platform with Make in Vietnam products as a top priority to ensure Vietnam’s autonomy in cyberspace. Developing a digital platform is a breakthrough solution to promote a digital government, accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

With its uniqueness and applicability in ensuring information security and safety, Map4D is aiming to become the largest digital map application on the road toward digital transformation, creating a digital economy and society.