Getfly CRM helps SMEs in digital transformation

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(VOVWORLD) - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a customer management strategy, an important factor in business success. To effectively manage customer relationships, a good CRM solution is indispensable. Accompanying the Government in the program to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digital transformation, providing a comprehensive digital ecosystem for SMEs, and promoting comprehensive growth, Getfly Vietnam technology company is a pioneer in promoting digital transformation, providing CRM solutions, and helping businesses gain sustainable growth.
Getfly CRM helps SMEs in digital transformation - ảnh 1Getfly Vietnam has been honored in multiple digital technology award categories in Vietnam. (Photo credite:

As a "Make in Vietnam" software program based on users' needs and tastes, Getfly CRM has a well-designed interface, is easy to use, and helps Vietnamese businesses overcome barriers when starting to apply technology.

Thanks to its flexibility, Getfly CRM can suit each business model and the specific needs of each company.

More than 200 industries and 4,000 businesses are using Getfly CRM. Nguyen Huy Hoang, CEO and co-founder of Getfly CRM, said the impressive numbers reflect the effort of Getfly Vietnam over the past years.

"Not everyone with expertise knows how to manage and create KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Getfly can help manage customer information easily and motivate employees in the company. I think they are the greatest values that Getfly brings to the market," said Hoang.

In the era of the digital economy, the need for a technology solution that integrates business activities in one platform has motivated businesses to choose CRM solution.

Hoang said Getfly Vietnam has affirmed its position in the market thanks to the success of Getfly CRM.

He noted, “Many technology businesses are providing CRM solutions in the market, but they only focus on information management and marketing. A few businesses focus on KPI. But with Getfly CRM, all 3 elements are integrated into one software. This is a rare solution in the market, and the cost is affordable for Vietnamese businesses. That is why our product is accepted by the market.”

Getfly CRM's integrated solutions have helped businesses operate more efficiently. Getfly CRM helps businesses establish professional marketing and sales processes and automatically summarize customer interaction data. These solutions help businesses save 2 to 3 hours per day, while increasing sales.

Bui Thi Hoang Lan, a businesswoman in Hanoi, said she is satisfied with the company’s digital transformation thanks to using Getfly CRM digital solutions.

“In the past, our business operated cumbersomely with name cards, notebooks, Excel files, and images stored on computers. Now all that information is stored in the CRM management system. It’s very convenient and effective,” said Lan.

Getfly is launching a new strategy, called Mobile First. Instead of binding to the computer, in the future businesses will treat CRM business management software as an app that is easily operated on the smart phone anytime, anywhere.

Getfly CRM helps SMEs in digital transformation - ảnh 2Getfly CRM CEO and Co Founder Nguyen Huy Hoang introduces the highlights of Getfly G version in an event. (Photo credit: Getfly CRM)

The Getfly CRM mobile app will create a great competitive advantage and bring great value to businesses.

Defined as a digital technology company, Getfly Vietnam is always steadfast in its mission of nationwide digital transformation with an expectation of bringing high-quality Vietnamese software products closer to businesses in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia.

Hoang, Getfly’s Chairman and founder, said, “Since our establishment, I have dreamed of making software that can be sold around the world. I believe that by investing in technology, we’ll have a good position in the market in the future and Getfly's products will be available on the world market, affirming the value of Vietnamese technology products.”

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend and a breakthrough opportunity for Vietnam and businesses. With its contributions to domestic businesses in the digital transformation process, Getfly Vietnam has been honored in many categories of digital technology awards in Vietnam.