GapoWork facilitates business digital transformation

Anh Huyen
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(VOVWORLD) - G-group has consolidated its market foothold in software and IT services. Its product, GapoWork business platform won the Sao Khue award this year and was honored at the Vietnam digital technology award Make in Vietnam.

GapoWork facilitates business digital transformation - ảnh 1GapoWork is an internal communication and work support platform for businesses and organizations. Photo:
GapoWork of G-Group Technology is an internal communication and work support platform for businesses and organizations, helping to connect teams effectively, share information quickly, manage work and build corporate culture.

The GapoWork platform meets a wide range of criteria such as creativity and efficiency in use. GapoWork has smart and friendly features such as group chat, livestream, HD audio/video calling with unlimited Zoom group meeting features. GapoWork ensures that important messages are delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. GapoWork assists business communications and organizational efforts for team connection and information sharing towards better governance and entrepreneurship. It has been honored for creativeness and performance, including smart messenger to the right receiver at the right time and in the right form to ensure improved communications and cost saving. Since its inception in 2019, GapoWork has served an increasing number of users and won the trust of major customers, including ABA Cooltrans, F88, HSV Group, Edufit, and TechZones.

With its mandates of serving Vietnamese with a Vietnamese product, is one of the post popular team assistant and comprehensive business culture development toolkit, as GapoWork founder and G-Group CEO, Ha Trung Kien puts it: "GapoWork addresses 4 businesses issues, namely revenue and cost, performance, risk mitigation and compliance. The pandemic in 2021 forced businesses to embark on digital transformation for survival. We have cooperated with Zoom in the local market to provide almost free tool for businesses in distance meeting via Zoom or distance connection on GapoWork seamlessly."

GapoWork facilitates business digital transformation - ảnh 2Mr. Ha Trung Kien is GapoWork founder and G-Group CEO. Photo:

Similar offshore options are available in Vietnam but they are not tailored to the local needs, more costly and without technical assistance, as GapoWork CEO Bui Thi Xuan Thao explains: "When customers confront a Make in Vietnam platform and foreign options, they want to try anything of foreign quality but local price. Vietnamese platform creators thus try to make something similar to foreign products but at competitive price and technical assistance. Local creators have deep local knowledge about customers and could adjust product functions according to their needs better."

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry statistics last year showed that more than 45,000 business ceased operation. Digital transformation is a must for business sustainable growth and this was fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in working from home. But social distancing caused various restriction in terms of productivity, team spirit and lack of connection between staff and employer. GapoWork fixes those issues by ensuring an optimal work process and operation cost.

In 2021, GapoWork won the prize of its product and digital solutions at the Vietnam digital transformation contest in recognition of its technological strength and creativeness in internal communications. This award further affirms Gapo Work's technological strengths, creativity and breakthroughs in building the Make in Vietnam internal communication platform.

CEO Ha Trung Kien plans to penetrate international market with GapoWork. 

"We have two goals in terms of product and people. Southeast Asian market outreach this year comes first following product finetuning and updates. Staff building and organizational culture are vitally important for the business success," he said.

In the pandemic, GapoWork is a sharp tool in staff performance and business governance. In the new normal, GapoWork is with businesses in addressing governance issues in digital transformation so that no one is left behind.