Wednesday June 12, 2024

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(VOVWORLD) - Since last Wednesday, we have received 400 emails containing reception reports and questions from listeners.

Wednesday June 12, 2024  - ảnh 1A performance of Vietnamese traditional musical instrument (photo:

B: Jon Baloga says he read a story on our website about Vietnamese musical instruments, including the monochord, the 2-string, 16-string, and 36-string zither, the 2-string moon-shaped lute, and the 4-string pear-shaped lute. Jon asked: “Do you know where I can buy parts and accessories for one of these instruments?”

A: If you visit Vietnam, we suggest you go to the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi. On streets around the Academy, there are shops that sell or repair traditional musical instruments. Some of the shops have websites and sell accessories of instruments online.

B: If you want to buy online, I think you need someone in Vietnam to help you. You can also find some types of Vietnamese traditional musical instruments on Amazon.

A: Recently young Vietnamese artists have been combining traditional musical instruments with western instruments to create a new sound. Nam Tộc, a rock band in HCMC, has a vocalist and seven instrumentalists who play guitar, bass, keyboard, monochord, multi-string zithers, bamboo flute, drums, and stone instruments. 

Wednesday June 12, 2024  - ảnh 2Vietnamese traditional musical instruments (photo: VOV)

B: Nam Toc's song "Hey, I'm hiding in peace", released last December, reflects their desire to present traditional music in a more contemporary manner.

A: Nam Toc hopes to reach young people through digital media, but they also present their folk rock music at music festivals and events like the HOZO international music festival, the Ho Chi Minh City River Festival at Bach Dang Wharf, the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Week, and a charity fundraiser called the Roof Heating and Lifting Show.

B: Nam Toc band says they want to breathe new life into folk music and spread their love for Vietnamese traditional music.

Wednesday June 12, 2024  - ảnh 3Nam Toc band

A: We received a message this week from Ken Bridges, who said: “I just moved here from Australia and married a Vietnamese girl. I would like to give her family members good jobs in safe farming. They have rice fields at the moment. I’m looking to buy more land and develop a hydro farm. I hope you can give me some advice.”

B: Ken had read an article on our website about high-tech agricultural in Hai Phong city implemented by the Southeast Asia Service and Import-Export Company.

A: Ken, we advise you to directly contact the Southeast Asia Service and Import-Export Company in Hai Phong city, or find it on Facebook with the Vietnamese name "Cty Xuất Nhập Khẩu và Dịch Vụ ĐÔNG NAM Á". You might also contact a local Farmers’ Association, Agriculture Cooperative, or Agriculture Extension unit to learn about farm development in your area. Agronomists will give appropriate advice and solutions to your concerns.

B: We wish the best of luck with your safe farming project and hope to hear from you again soon.

Wednesday June 12, 2024  - ảnh 4Book Festival in Ho Chi Minh City
A: From Shandong, China, listener Ding Lu wrote to tell us that he knows there are two children's holidays in Vietnam – International Children's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

B: Mr. Lu said: “Vietnam was the first country in Asia and the second country in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child to comprehensively address the issue of children's rights. After the country was liberated, International Children’s Day on June 1 and the Mid-Autumn Festival became children's festivals throughout Vietnam.”

A: “June is “Action Month for Children” in Vietnam. Vietnam calls children ‘the future owners of the country’ and gives them the best possible care and protection. Vietnam's attitude toward education and care for children is exemplary and worth studying.”

B: Thank you, Mr. Lu, for closely following the situation in Vietnam. This June activities are being held across Vietnam to promote children’s well-being.

A: The HCMC Children’s Book Festival this month will introduce over 4,000 books and organize 100 events at book streets, where children can use virtual reality glasses to explore science and technology and join discussions and exchanges with authors.

To Nguyen An, an 8th-grade pupil at Doan Thi Diem school, said:  “The Book Festival is very interesting. Reading brings us joy and knowledge of many things.”

B: In Can Tho city, the 4th Festival of Children Protecting the Environment awarded bicycles, schoolbags, and scholarships to hundreds of poor children for their good academic results.

A: Can Tho city Youth Union is carrying out a Summer Voluntary Campaign in which its 25,000 members are taking part in charity activities to help unfortunate children, elderly people, and social beneficiary families.

Tran Viet Tuan, Deputy Secretary of the Can Tho city Youth Union, said: “Responding to the Youth Summer Voluntary Campaign and Action Month for Children, we will work with other organizations to give gifts and medicines to poor children. Youth Union at all levels organize activities for children during the summer holiday.”

B: A happy event this summer is the UN General Assembly’s adoption of a resolution proposed by Vietnam to designate June 11 each year as the International Day of Play.

B: The resolution recognizes the role of play in physical development, social skills, cognition, communication, and emotional life at all ages, and the importance of ensuring access to recreational activities for the physical and psychological health and development of children and young people.

A: UNICEF says that “restricting opportunities for play directly impedes a child's well-being and development. In educational settings, play-based learning has been recognized as an effective approach to actively engaging students in the learning process. It make learning more enjoyable and relevant, enhancing motivation and retention of information.”

B: Ok, after this show let’s all spend more time playing with our family and friends. For now, let’s relax with a folk song about a famous Vietnamese folk game.

Wednesday June 12, 2024  - ảnh 5A Book Festival in Hai Phong city (photo: VOV)


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