Wednesday December 13, 2023

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(VOVWORLD) - We hope this edition of the Letter Box finds you well. As Christmas and the New Year approach, we are receiving lots of greetings from listeners, which really makes our days merry and bright.

Wednesday December 13, 2023 - ảnh 1Christmas items sold in Hang Ma street, Hanoi (photo: VOVTV)

B: Malik Allah Bachaya Khokhar, a member of the Sungat Radio Listeners Club in Pakistan, sent wishes to VOV and its listeners around the world: “May the upcoming year bring you abundant opportunities and the strength to overcome any challenges that come your way. May 2024 be a year of resilience and positivity, where you discover your true potential and unlock new horizons. May you find inspiration in every moment and courage in the face of uncertainties. Cherish the relationships that matter, and may they bring you comfort and support throughout the year.”

A: Bidhan Chandra Sanyal of India made a wish: “Let all the sorrows of your life fall away like the leaves of Baisakh. And at the touch of the new year, let the heart be revealed with joy. Happy New Year, friends.”

B: Vicentiu Daniel Gheorghe, the Founder and President of the Romanian VOV Club, told us: “As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and expressing our gratitude for the wonderful community of Voice of Vietnam listeners. Your unwavering support has been our heartbeat, and we are truly grateful for the privilege of being part of your daily routine.”

A: He continued: “As we look forward to the future, we are excited about the journey ahead and the prospect of continuing to have informative, entertaining, and inspiring content. Thank you for being the Voice of Vietnam family! We look forward to sharing more memorable moments with you in the coming year. Wishing you a festive holiday season and a Happy New Year!”

B: We’re grateful to our listeners for your support and beautiful and inspiring wishes. VOV will always strive to be a trusted and entertaining source of information and a bridge linking our listeners from every corner of the globe. We’re proud to be part of your life.

A: From Costa Rica, Joandric Ávila Fernández emailed us to say that, for the first time, he was able to hear the Voice of Vietnam in English on December 11 at 21:30 UTC on the frequency of 11885 Khz and at 23:30 UTC on 9840 Khz. He rated SINPO 24343.

B: Thank you for attaching a video and audio files of both programs. Mr. Fernández said he hopes to hear more VOV broadcasts in the future.

A: As VOV stopped broadcasting on shortwave on certain frequencies to Latin America some years ago, we are surprised to learn that our station was heard in your part of the world. Thank you very much for your interest in VOV! The dedication of listeners like you will add more reasons to resume these shortwave broadcasts. 

B: Cyril MacDonald of New Brunswick, Canada, sent us a reception report for a program on December 11 on 11885 kHz. He rated SINPO 33122, saying it was difficult at times to understand the commentary due to high levels of atmospheric noise. 

A: “It’s very difficult to tune in to the Voice of Vietnam at this time of the year in eastern Canada. I’ve attached an mp3 recording from 21:30 UTC, which should give you a good idea of the signal quality here in Nackawic. It includes station ID and the start of the news.” 

B: Thank you very much for your feedback. We’ll send you a QSL card to verify your reception report.   

Wednesday December 13, 2023 - ảnh 2VOV English section's new QSL cards

A: Ashik Eqbal Tokon of Bangladesh told us that he had crystal-clear reception at 16:00 UTC `on 7220 kHz with his Grundig YB400 receiver . “Your attention to the details of the listener experience doesn't go unnoticed, making tuning in a delightful experience," said Tokon.

B: The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the weekend edition, the Sunday Show, said Tokon. “What a delightful twist to start the week! The selection of Vietnamese songs was a musical feast, and I could feel the positive vibes radiating through the airwaves from a newly released album.”

A: He added: “Please convey my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in creating such a delightful experience – the presenters, producers, and the entire team. Your dedication to bringing joy through the airwaves is a gift to us listeners, and I can't wait for the next musical journey.”

B: Thank you very much for your compliments. You’ll receive one of VOV’s new verification cards.

Wednesday December 13, 2023 - ảnh 3The Temple of Literature opens night tour to offer tourists a new experience. (photo:

A: Last week we received 390 emails and letters from listeners. Most of the listeners said they want to hear more about Vietnam’s culture, tourism, and lifestyle. One of them, Sok Samnang of Cambodia, asked about night tours in Hanoi.

B: Well, in October, Hanoi introduced 15 night-time tourism services and a light art installation.

A: The offerings include night tours of the Temple of Literature, the Hoa Lo Prison relic, the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and the Vietnam Museum of Literature.

B: Tourists and residents of Hanoi will enjoy a light show and traditional music while learning about Vietnam’s educational history at the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university.

A: Le Xuan Kieu, Director of the Centre for Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam Cultural and Scientific Activities, said it took years to develop the perfect audio and lighting technology for the night tour.

“The night tour at the Temple of Literature uses 3D technology to explain the site’s history, which is described much less dramatically during the day. We tell the story of some of Vietnam’s historical figures and Vietnam’s tradition of respecting education and learned people. 3D movies can make abstract ideas more interesting and lively, which is particularly attractive to young people,” said Mr. Kieu.

B: Visitors are shown the different areas of the Temple of Literature – from the entrance gate to Thai Hoc Hall, where 3D-mapping technology recounts the history of Confucianism and Vietnam’s first imperial university.

A: Traditional music is performed at the Constellation of Literature Pavilion. The Laureate Stelae Garden highlights the list of scholars who were granted degrees by the university.

B: Hanoi is a pioneer of night-time tourism and now there are many things for visitors to do in the capital city at night. Seeing is believing. We hope to see you soon here in Vietnam.

A: Thank you all for your interest in VOV. We welcome your feedback at English Service, VOVWORLD, the Voice of Vietnam, 45 Ba Trieu street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

A: You can email us at You’re invited to visit us online at, where you can hear both live and recorded programs. Once again, thank you all for listening. Goodbye!