Vietnam stimulates domestic consumption

Thuy Hang
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods" campaign has brought practical results in building a sustainable chain of production and consumption of Vietnamese goods, increasing the proportion of Vietnamese goods in the distribution system, and giving consumers access to more quality goods.
Vietnam stimulates domestic consumption - ảnh 1Vietnamese goods are favored at a supermarket in Nha Trang city. (Photo:

Consumers say the quality and variety of Vietnamese goods have improved and their reasonable prices suit a majority of people from all walks of life. Preferred Vietnamese products include food, clothing, and household appliances.

In recent years, domestic enterprises have expanded production, stimulated domestic consumption, increased localization, and promoted Vietnamese products and brands to remote rural areas.

Chu Quang Hao, Director General of the Vietnam Post Corporation (VNPost), said that since 2019 VNPost has deployed an e-commerce platform at to promote the consumption of domestic products.

Last year, the platform earned 5.2 million USD, in transaction volume, selling more than 100,000 tons of seasonal agricultural products.

“The Government and the Ministry of Information and Communications have tasked VNPost with turning the e-commerce platform into a completely Vietnamese platform for all regional specialty farm produce and made-in-Vietnam goods,” said Hao.

Now 90% of the products available in supermarkets and shopping centers are made in Vietnam.  The percentage of Vietnamese products in the Go supermarket chain is between 94 and 96%. In older food markets it is 60 to 70%.

Vietnam stimulates domestic consumption - ảnh 2Do Thang Hai, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade  (Photo: Viet Tuan)

Do Thang Hai, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, says that the Ministry has outlined a plan to develop the domestic market in line with the "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods" campaign until 2025.

Approved by the Prime Minister, the plan will stabilize Vietnam’s socio-economic development against global fluctuations as impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt.

According to Hai, “The plan will contribute to the growth of the domestic market and organize the distribution system to create a smoother supply chain of goods and closer links between producers and consumers, central and local levels, and enterprises and state management agencies.”

To gain the trust of domestic consumers, businesses must increase branding, innovation, and creativity, invest in modern technology to reduce production costs, improve competitiveness, develop joint ventures, and participate in supply chains to keep up with growing consumer demand.