Son La-branded blue dragon fruit wins foreign markets’ trust

Thanh Thuy
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The northern mountain province of Son La is endowed with advantages of soil  and climate suitable for growing high-quality agricultural products. Since blue dragon fruits, one of Son La’s principal farm products, were first planted there in 2010, they have been exported to many markets around the world, bringing high profits.


Son La-branded blue dragon fruit wins foreign markets’ trust - ảnh 1With over 200 ha, Ngoc Hoang Cooperative is expected to harvest 3,000 tons of dragon fruit.  

Since it began exporting fresh fruits in 2016, Ngọc Hoàng Cooperative in Mai Son district, Son La province, has made a name for itself. 

It has more than 200 ha of dragon fruit, annually producing 3,000 tons. Its red flesh dragon fruit has been exported to Russia and France.

To grow dragon fruits eligible for export, the cooperative requires its members to control the entire cultivation process, including fertilizing and pruning branches, to produce good, safe products. Sampling and testing are regularly conducted so the exported dragon fruits always meet the standards for planting area code and plant quarantine.

Nguyen Thi Dung, the Cooperative’s Deputy Director, said, “A lot of steps are required to export dragon fruit. The harvest must be conducted carefully, so the fruit doesn’t get bruised. Then the fruit are washed and checked three times before being packed for export.”

Ngoc Hoang Cooperative is collaborating with domestic import-export companies to introduce its products internationally. Recently, it sent its third shipment of the year of blue dragon fruit to France and the Netherlands.

Although output remains modest, it was an important step to introduce Son La red dragon fruits to the global market.

The Cooperative is developing raw material areas in Mai Son, Thuan Chau, Yen Chau, Moc Chau, Song Ma, and Sop Cop district.

All the growing areas for dragon fruit use clean organic production processes consistent with VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards.

Do Danh Nhat, a member of the Ngoc Hoang Cooperative in Mai Sơn district, underscored  the need to guarantee the use of organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides to ensure export quality.

Nguyen Quang Vinh, Director of Ngoc Hoang Cooperative, said the cooperative’s experience in growing red-flesh dragon fruit in Son La has helped it meet the strict requirements of demanding import markets.

“This year we have signed contracts with 5 partners. We estimate that about 2,000 tons will be exported to the EU and the Middle East this year,” said Vinh.

Son La-branded blue dragon fruit wins foreign markets’ trust - ảnh 2Ngoc Hoang Cooperative has exported 2,000 tons of blue dragon fruit in its third shipment of the year to France and the Netherlands.

Localities in Son La province, including Mai Son district, have restructured their crops focusing on crops with high economic value, like dragon fruit.

Mai Son district has over 100 ha of dragon fruit, the most in Son La province. Thanks to strictly following VietGAP standards, the fruit is of high quality and the local dragon fruit growers have high incomes.  

Son La’s 300 ha of dragon fruit meeting export standards output 5,000 tons per year, much of which is exported to China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

Le Van Son of the Moc Chau Plateau Company said exporting fruit is the main goal many cooperatives in Son La aim for.  

“Some of the company's main markets are France, Italy, Canada, and the Netherlands, which have gradually accepted Mai Son-branded dragon fruit and rate its quality high. The company is now promoting its dragonn fruit to other markets,” said Son.

In 7 years Son La's red-flesh dragon fruit has conquered demanding markets like Japan, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, establishing the brand of Son La agricultural products in the international market.