Communications, corporate culture, an integral part in all Petrovietnam’s activities

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(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) held its second conference on communications and corporate culture in Hanoi on Sep 10, 2022 to evaluate 3 years of the Group’s Party Committee resolution and to further promote the resolution.

Communications, corporate culture, an integral part in all Petrovietnam’s activities  - ảnh 1The presidium of the second conference on communications and corporate culture. (Photo credit: Petrovietnam)

Attending the conference were delegates of the Party Commission for Communication and Education, the Party Committee of Central Enterprises’ Bloc, Vietnam Association of Business Culture Development, and LeMedia JSC, Nang LuongViet JSC, and PACE School of Leadership & Management.

Representing Petrovietnam were Hoang Quoc Vuong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Members, Le Manh Hung, Director General, and other members of the Party Standing Committee, Board of Directors, among others.

Over the past three years, under the leadership and direction of the executive board of the Party Committee and the Party Standing Committee of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (called the Group), Resolution 281 on communications and corporate culture (called Resolution 281) has comprehensively been deployed.

Communications, corporate culture, an integral part in all Petrovietnam’s activities  - ảnh 2Visual communications are fully tapped in the Group's communications and corporate culture programs. (Photo credit: Petrovietnam)

Effective communications

The Group has 4 magazines, 14 newsletters, and 97 internal websites managed by more than 100 part-time and full-time officers who have improved the management and operation of the Group's portal, magazines, newsletters, websites, and internal information pages to make them more attractive. The information has linked internal communications and built corporate culture to strengthen the trust of officials, party members, and employees, thus upholding the Group’s strength.

In 2020 and 2021, the internal communication helped employees understand and the Group's difficulties to jointly overcome the "dual crisis".

Public communication activities have seen a lot of progress. Every year about 8,000 news articles are posted on mass media, focusing on the performance and needs of the Group and its subsidiaries, thus helping to remove policy difficulties. Marketing activities to promote the Petrovietnam brand and strategic products have been increased.

Communication incidents have been handled in time, thus minimizing harmful, unfavorable information. Social networks, communication tools, and digital devices have been fully tapped. Outdoor communications have been organized while fanpages have been developed to publish news and articles, attracting millions of readers and more than 340,000 regular followers.

The Group has closely worked with external information channels to provide accurate, timely information for foreign partners. The Group's international cooperation has been widely posted in the press with foreign language versions and in foreign newspapers with representatives in Vietnam.

Communications, corporate culture, an integral part in all Petrovietnam’s activities  - ảnh 3Le Manh Hung, Petrovietnam’s Director General, summarizes the Conference. (Photo credit: Petrovietnam)

Joint efforts to re-build Petrovietnam’s culture

The Group has agreed to implement a system of regulations under which the leaders take responsibility for performance of corporate culture. As soon as the project to re-build Petrovietnam’s culture was adopted, a steering committee was established and led by the Group’s Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Members and the Director General as the Standing Deputy Head. The move marks an important milestone in building PetroVietnam’s corporate culture.

Under the project, a Petrovietnam cultural handbook has been outlined; Petrovietnam trademark has been edited; and a brand identity system has been issued to unify the use of brand images throughout the Group.

Communications on corporate culture have been diversified, combining internal and public communications, creating a multi-dimensional influence on the Group’s employees. Contests and celebrations have been held in subsidiary companies to spread Petrovietnam's cultural values.

Training has attached greater importance to meet set plans and improve awareness of the role of corporate culture, leading to a change in professionalism.

The Group has repaired “Memorial site for the first oil and gas exploitation work in Vietnam” in Tien Hai district, Thai Binh province

Activities to celebrate the Group’s 45th founding anniversary and the 60th anniversary of the traditional day of the Vietnam oil and gas sector were held flexibly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activities on specific topics with the motto "Solidarity - Discipline - Creativity - Efficiency" have created a healthy working environment and increased cohesion and sharing. Through daily works, corporate culture values are formed in regards of work performance, technology application, digital transformation, efficiency, coordination, team activities, and law respect.

The Group's subsidiaries have built new corporate culture models, diversified ways of dissemination, unified common goals and vision, and coordinated to form a solidarity bloc. Training has been held for all employees pursuant to the model in improving profession capacity, culture capacity, leadership capacity, soft skills, in building a learning culture, and in promoting the spirit of self-study and self-training.

Activities featuring Petrovietnam culture have been posted on the website and fanpage of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. Programs expressing gratitude have been held regularly, plus movements to build cultural lifestyle launched by trade unions at all levels.

The Group's Youth Union has organized different activities to spread the values of Petrovietnam culture like activities to educate the sector’s tradition to arouse the pride, affection, and attachment for the younger generation to the Group.

The Group's Veterans’ Association has organized activities to disseminate the historical traditions, the establishment of Truong Sa Petroleum Club and to take care of its members and employees who are war invalids and their relatives. The Group’s retirement liaison committee is a bridge linking the Group's activities and generations of employees.

After 3 years of implementation, all the Group’s members are well aware of the Resolution. The deployment of corporate culture building throughout the Group has helped it be recognized as one of the 10 enterprises meeting the standards of Vietnamese business culture in accordance to a set of criteria by the Prime Minister and first defined in Vietnam in 2021.

More importantly, communications and rebuilding of Petrovietnam culture have been integrated into the Group's business and production plans and development strategy towards highlighting the spirit "Aspiration - Intelligence - Professionalism - Kindness".

The motto "Solidarity - Discipline - Creativity - Efficiency" has created a breakthrough in realizing the project to rebuild Petrovietnam culture.

The Group's brand and reputation have been enhanced. Its image has been improved, creating new trust and enthusiasm among employees and promoting institutional reform for oil and gas activities so that the Group can well complete the assigned tasks.

In the new stage of development, it’s necessary for the Group’s leaders, especially those in charge of communications and corporate culture, to address pending issues to promptly respond to and overcome challenges.

Based on the development strategy of the industry and the Group in line with  continuing to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and lifestyle and a number of other Party guidelines in information and communications work and building a new human being, the entire Group is required to be fully aware of the communications motto and the building of corporate culture in all activities and link communications with corporate culture and welfare. Rebuilding Petrovietnam culture aims to consolidate the foundation culture, make seven working habits more effective, and enrich Petrovietnam's identity so that the Group will have a workforce of better quality and efficiency.

Communications, corporate culture, an integral part in all Petrovietnam’s activities  - ảnh 4Hoang Quoc Vuong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Members, speaks at the Conference. (Photo credit: Petrovietnam)

Communications, corporate culture boost Petrovietnam’s all activities

Chairman of the Board of Directors Hoang Quoc Vuong affirmed that communications and corporate culture have contributed to regaining the Group’s trust, image and prestige, thus helping the Group gain acknowledgeable results.

Chairman Vuong underscored the need to address the shortcomings and limitations while the advantages and achievements should be copied so that communications and corporate culture can be deployed throughout the Group to drive all aspects of the Group.

According to Mr. Vuong, building corporate culture should be for the common goal of the enterprise’s sustainable development. This must combine with creating a safe, effective and quality working environment for employees. To that end, the role of  leaders is very important. They must set an example for implementing corporate culture development plans.

Chairman Vuong asked executive Party committees at all levels and leaders of subsidiary companies to attach special importance to organization work, reserve considerable resources in personnel, funding, and facilities to carry out the task. In addition to continuing to re-build Petrovietnam culture, it’s necessary for the subsidiaries to strengthen the identity of each in accordance to each of their fields and areas of operation.

Director General Le Manh Hung said that Petrovietnam has been on the right track which has contributed to the development of Petrovietnam, enhancing and ensuring of the interests and rights of employees.

In order to create a corporate culture identity, both the Group and its subsidiary companies need more consistency, perseverance, and persistence. The achievements so far are the initial steps for the next process, according to Mr. Hung. He believes the implementation of the plan will increase the trust of the Group’s leaders and employees to make Petrovietnam develop more sustainably.