Ly Son to become a sea, island tourism hub

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(VOVWORLD) - The Politburo’s Resolution on “Developing socio-economy and ensuring security and defense in the North Central and the Central Coast Region until 2030, with a vision to 2045” aims to turn Ly Son island into a sea and island tourism hub. The local authority and people are determined to build Ly Son into a civilized, modern island which is important to national defense and security.
Ly Son to become a sea, island tourism hub - ảnh 1Ly Son island district in Quang Ngai province (photo: VOV)

Ly Son island district was separated from Binh Son district of Quang Ngai province in 1993. Ly Son is about 15 nautical miles from the mainland. Quang Ngai province opened the "Ly Son sea and island" tourist route in April, 2007 and since then Ly Son has been considered a fairy oasis.

Ly Son district now records an average economic growth rate of 10% to 12% annually. Last year the value of economic sectors reached 164 million USD, 45 times higher than in 1993. The per capita income in Ly Son district is 37 million VND (1,600 USD) per year, 192 times more than 30 years ago.

Mai Giang, an islander, said: “Since the district was established, the State has invested in building roads, schools, and hospitals. All children can go to school. All households have access to electricity. The islanders are very happy.”

Ly Son island was connected to the national grid in September, 2014. The transport infrastructure and tourist services have improved. There are 133 accommodation establishments with over 1,000 rooms on the island. Tourism has generated direct and indirect jobs for 7,000 people. The island receives about 265,000 tourists annually. Phan Thi Thanh, an overseas Vietnamese in the US, said: “Ly Son island has many scenic spots that no other place has. I am very proud of our country and the beautiful Ly Son island.”

Ly Son to become a sea, island tourism hub - ảnh 2The inauguration of the power supply project connects the national grid to Ly Son island. (photo: VO)V

Ly Son island district identifies fishing and aquaculture as an important economic sector which is tasked with national sea and island defense. With the support of the state, the fishermen invested in large ships to travel further, improve fishing efficiency, and say no to illegal fishing. Currently, there are more than 500 large-capacity ships.

Fisherman Duong Minh Thanh is proud to be the descendant of the Hoang Sa Squadron on the island. He said: “Ly Son islanders can not live without going to sea. We are determined to develop marine economy and protect national sovereignty of sea and islands.”

Endowed with beautiful landscape and rich cultural and historical tradition, Ly Son island district is capitalizing its advantages for tourism development. It has gradually shifted from agricultural production to agricultural economy and growing onions and garlic to serve tourism.

Pham Thi Huong, Chairwoman of Ly Son district’s People’s Committee, said the district strives to increase the total production value by 12%-13% and receive from 200,000 to 250,000 visitors this year: “We have identified economic tourism a key sector, suiting the provincial socio-economic recovery plan. We have assigned tasks and quotas to each sector. We’ll enhance administrative reform to meet the expectation of the people and community.”

Ly Son island is in dire need of investment in infrastructure and unlocking the island’s potential and advantages to make it a locomotive for provincial tourism development.