Dong Thap agricultural clubhouse promotes local tourism

Ngoc Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Agricultural clubhouses, which are not found in any place other than the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, are venues for local farmers to sit down together and discuss ways to develop their homeland. The clubhouses help to promote Dong Thap specialties to a wider audience in Vietnam and around the world.
In Sa Dec city, every household has a unique product or way of doing tourism. The tourism-agriculture clubhouse in Tan Quy Dong ward has expanded from just a few members to 24 in two years of operation. They operate homestay services, hotels, restaurants, tourism sites, a rose field, and a bonsai garden, but all have growing flowers at the heart of their business.    

Tran Anh Dien of the clubhouse said members who used to be just flower growers, are now investing in community tourism to generate greater profits. Regular meetings with other farmers, tourists, and tourism businesses let Tan Quy Dong farmers enhance their experience and knowledge.

“Since the clubhouse began, local tourism has thrived. We have learned a lot from each other about management, promotion, and customer reactions, and about creating a brand for each household business to distinguish it from the others,” said Dien.

Dong Thap agricultural clubhouse promotes local tourism - ảnh 1Clubhouse members gather frequently to exchange experience. (Photo: VOV)

The common thread that runs among the local farmers is a passion for building, managing, and benefiting from sustainable tourism and Sa Dec’s trademark as the flower capital of the Mekong Delta. 

According to another club member, Tran Huu Tai, every member is well aware of how important their connection and tourism services are, which aim to generate more jobs and increase local incomes.

“We engage in heated debates over a spectrum of issues but always end up with a solution. Unity is our core value. Our ultimate goal is tourists’ satisfaction to lure them back again and again,” according to Tai.

Dong Thap agricultural clubhouse promotes local tourism - ảnh 2(Photo: VOV)

Phan Thanh Hung, chief of the clubhouse, says economic profits are rooted in cultural and social values. He attributed community tourism done by the clubhouse members to the recognition of Sa Dec as one of Vietnam’s ten culture-tourism villages. The clubhouse is seeking closer links between members and with outside farmers in order to become a more reliable partner of investors.

Hung said, “As chief of the clubhouse, I have managed to balance the interests of club members so they will stick with this model and achieve sustainable development together. We have made it through discussions. This clubhouse is for everyone.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Vietnam’s tourism sector, but on the bright side, flower growers in Sa Dec are spending this quiet time upgrading their facilities and are all set to welcome visitors back when the pandemic wanes.