WHO mYOGA app – practice yoga at the comfort of your home

Ngoc Huyen
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(VOVWORLD) - The WHO mYOGA application has been launched recently to celebrate the 7th International Day of Yoga, which was themed “Yoga for Wellness” this year. This app is a perfect example of the fusion of modern technology and national science. It is also a move to increasingly utilize digital platforms to bring India’s ancient wisdom to the global stage. 
WHO mYOGA app – practice yoga at the comfort of your home  - ảnh 1The app's icon (Photo: WTO)

The WHO mYOGA app, which is available on most major mobile platforms, is of particular relevance during COVID-19 because it allows access to standard yoga instruction in multiple languages while at home.

Indian Ambassador to Vietnam Pranay Verma told the launch ceremony, “The mYOGA app focuses on four areas: First is the common yoga protocol for general wellness; Second is yoga for mental health and resilience; Third is yoga for adolescents; Fourth is yoga for pre-diabetes. So it is an app designed towards a holistic benefit that you can get for your health. To this event, we hope to create greater awareness and encourage you to use this app for bringing the benefits of yoga, right to your home.”

This app doesn’t require users to register. Meanwhile, it allows free access to audio and video with unlimited downloads. Namrata Raj, teacher at the Swami Vivekananda Indian Cultural Centre in Hanoi, briefed us on how to navigate the app, “First, you start your journey of learning by watching yoga videos. Once you complete the learning videos, you can practice with videos and audios of different lengths. You can choose your level of interest, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 45 minutes. I suggest you start with the 10-minute learning videos in the initial phase then go to longer videos of higher level step by step. Then you can go to the practice session. In the practice session, the videos are also varied by length. You practice and will learn the sequential flow the movements called yoga vinyasa. While practicing regularly, you will be more confident and remember how to do the asanas without needing to watch the video. You can then use the audio versions to guide you through the sessions if you wish.”

WHO mYOGA app – practice yoga at the comfort of your home  - ảnh 2WHO mYOGA is easy to use. (Photo: imaphsy.com)

Ambassador Pranay Verma highlighted the app’s significance as a testament to India’s contributions and cooperation, “After the launch of the International Day of Yoga, this is another important contribution, an important step taken by India in partnership with the UN and WHO to promote globally the knowledge of yoga. We also look at this app as a significant part of our efforts to contribute to the goal of universal health coverage by 2030 under the UN sustainable development goals. Yoga is an important contemporary link between India and Vietnam and we are very delighted to see the increasing popularity of yoga in Vietnam. And we hope that mYoga app will add further dimension, further motivation for people to practice yoga.”

According to the World Health Organization, yoga is recognized as an accessible way to lead a physically active lifestyle.  WHO mYOGA is an app for the general public to use regularly, providing WHO-approved Yoga and practice sessions in varying durations. The app was developed through review of scientific of literature and extensive international expert consultation processes. The app is safe and secure, collecting no data like phone numbers or emails from users at all, and can be used as a daily yoga companion for persons aged 12-65 years old. It is available in English, French, and in Hindi, with other UN languages following in the coming months.