NFTBOOKS - first platform for book publication, renting, reading

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(VOVWORLD) - Each year people around the world spend a lot of money buying books, whose authors only retain small amounts of money compared to the profits made by publishers. To help increase benefit for authors and book readers, NFTBOOKS, an Australian blockchain technology company, has developed a platform where authors can self-publish their books online and sell or rent their works.
NFTBOOKS - first platform for book publication, renting, reading - ảnh 1Members in the NFTBOOKS ecosystem

Chau Nguyen, a Vietnamese living and working in Australia, is the co-founder of the NFTBOOKS (non-fungible token-based books) project.

Chau said the idea to start NFTBOOKS was accidental. He has loved books and reading since he was a child and was luckily exposed to a lot of books at his mother’s office, a small book publishing company.

His daughter also loves reading and he often buys books for her. But the prices of books in Australia are very expensive. This gave him the idea to start the NFTBOOKS project.

The NFTBOOKS platform is built on blockchain technology in the form of NFT with high security rate to create an ecosystem to help authors self-publish books, bring the cheapest value to readers, and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries.

It will help eliminate almost 99.9% of pirated books. 

To date the idea of NFTBOOKS is completely new and unique in the crypto market in the world. In the ecosystem, a lessor can become a personal publisher through which readers will have more opportunities to find the books they want.

This is the highlight that makes NFTBOOKS different.

The NFTBOOKS is in its trial run. The NFTBS token has also begun to be traded in the international market and is becoming more widely accepted.

NFTBOOKS is expected to make a breakthrough in the publishing industry as more and more people learn about blockchain and NFT platforms and gradually switch from reading printed books to NFT books.

In addition, NFTBOOKS has helped users track the authenticity and ownership of digital products.