Digital transformation motivates socio-economic development in Binh Duong

Huyen Ly
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - In line with Vietnam's digital transformation, Binh Duong province is taking the lead in digital transformation, step by step moving up in the national digital transformation index assessment. Digital transformation is the driving force for Binh Duong to accelerate socio-economic development towards sustainable development.

Digital transformation motivates socio-economic development in Binh Duong - ảnh 1National Highway 13 passes through Thuan An city and Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province. Photo:

Binh Duong's digital transformation assessment index ranked 22 of 63 provinces and cities in 2021, up 9 places compared to 2020. Since the beginning of this year, the province has issued multiple digital transformation plans and has piloted Binh Duong Intelligent Operation Center (IOC); operated the surveillance camera system for traffic management, security and order and handling administrative violations. The province has also issued a Resolution on digital transformation to 2025, with a vision to 2030.

According to Le Tuan Anh, Director of Binh Duong Department of Information and Communications, Binh Duong has now set out a digital transformation process with 3 pillars: digital government, digital economy and digital society. 

“Inheriting the IT application in state agencies, continuing the process of digital transformation, digital government, digital economy and digital society, with a focus  on digital government, we have done quite a lot. The 2022 digital transformation action plan focuses on a number of key tasks such as digital transformation centered on people and businesses, towards the benefits of people and businesses, while prioritizing the provision of essential services to people and businesses,” Anh said. 

Binh Duong province sets a goal that by 2025 it will basically complete digital transformation in Party, State, and Fatherland Front agencies and socio-political organizations; strive to develop the digital economy with the achieved value accounting for about 30% of GRDP by 2025, to become the country's innovative start-up center by 2030, and to become one of the production, service, smart service, start-up and innovation hubs of Asia by 2045.

Binh Duong has to date completed four quarters of the development level of e-government, developed connection network infrastructure and effectively used specialized data transmission networks in Party and State agencies. Currently, the Data Center of the province has been invested and continued to be expanded with the main Data Center model and the backup Data Center to meet the needs of shared application data for the government and ensure the smart city infrastructure of the province.

Digital transformation motivates socio-economic development in Binh Duong - ảnh 2Binh Duong Intelligent Operation and Supervision Center. Photo:

Binh Duong has been building centers to attract technology forces to develop products, research 4.0 technologies and smart factories to gradually apply them in actual production. The province plans to develop digital infrastructure as the foundation for building a digital government, digital economy and to be in the leading group of Southeast Asia in data science (Data Science) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nguyen Viet Long, Director of the provincial Department of Science and Technology maps out the digital transformation direction

“Working with experts and scientists to support the province in setting out strategies on digital transformation, digital economy and digital society, promoting training programs linked to such issues as research of provincial military digitization and measuring the level of digital economic development,” according to Long. 

To speed up the implementation of the Government’s National Digital Transformation Project for the period 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030, the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province continues to direct functional units and press agencies to actively participate in disseminating information about the benefits of the project to serve the people, improve the management and administration of competent agencies, and create widespread consensus in society and the public. Binh Duong has to date had 18 out of 19 departments, agencies and sectors and 8 out of 9 localities setting up a digital transformation steering committee.

Pham Van Bay, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Di An city, Binh Duong province, said: “Our overarching goal is to minimize troubles, minimize loss of time, in which we focus on implementing three nos. That is: no cash payments; without going to the administrative headquarters, people are still welcomed to have their applications handled; and work without paper.”

Last June, Binh Duong province was honored to be in the Top 7 of the World Smart Community 2022. Its digital transformation assessment index climbed in the national rankings. These results create momentum for stronger local digital transformation in the near future.