President Vo Van Thuong’s 2024 New Year Greeting

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Year of the Dragon has arrived. On the occasion of the new lunar year, State President Vo Van Thuong extends New Year Greetings to Vietnamese people and friends all over the world.  
President Vo Van Thuong’s 2024 New Year Greeting - ảnh 1State President Vo Van Thuong

Fellow countrymen, comrades, and soldiers,

Spring has come to everyone and to every family! In this sacred moment of transition between the old and the new year, let’s express our deep gratitude for the merits of our ancestors and generations of forefathers who have tirelessly built and developed our nation, ensured national independence and people's freedom, prosperity, and happiness, and enabled Vietnam to enjoy growing fortune, potential, status, and prestige.

In the warm and sacred atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, on behalf of Party and State leaders, I would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt greetings and our best New Year wishes to all compatriots, comrades, and soldiers nationwide, and to all overseas Vietnamese. I also send wishes for peace, cooperation, friendship, and sustainable development to people around the globe.

In the past year, through the unity and efforts of the entire Party, people, and army, Vietnam affirmed its new position and stature as a resilient country amidst challenges, steadfastly pursued noble values for the benefit of the people, and gained significant and comprehensive achievements across the board. Vietnam has always been a sincere friend and reliable partner of other nations and has been respected and highly valued by the international community.

Lunar New Year's Eve is a moment for us to reflect on the past and our hopes for a brighter future for each individual, each family, and for our nation. I firmly believe that by making full use of great national unity and the noble values of Vietnamese culture and people, by promoting dignity and intelligence, by unlocking the creativity of every individual, and by fully tapping all our potentials and resources, we will create an enormous internal strength by which our nation will advance further and gain even greater achievements.

Spring awakens countless dreams and aspirations, and marks the warm, beautiful, vibrant beginning of a new year. Let’s embrace new sources of energy and share a sincere wish for the enduring existence of Vietnam, for our nation to become wealthier and more civilized, and for our people to become happier and more prosperous.

I wish all compatriots, all comrades, every family, and every Vietnamese citizen good health, peace, success, and happiness!

This is a New Year, with new momentum, new determination, and new victories!

With warm regards!