President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birth anniversary celebrated at home and abroad

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Today, May 19, is President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birthday. A wide range of activities are taking place in Vietnam and overseas to honor President Ho’s great dedication and sacrifice for national independence and his contribution to the struggle for national independence, social progress and the solidarity of mankind.
President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birth anniversary celebrated at home and abroad - ảnh 1An art performance to celebrate President Ho Chi Minh's 133rd birth anniversary at the Sen Village Festival (

Since 2003, a Sen (Lotus) Village Festival has been held each May in Nghe An province and elsewhere. The festival includes many cultural and artistic activities.

This year's festival, taking place from May 12 to 19, includes ceremonies, a music festival featuring 600 artists and performances of Vi Giam folk songs, art exchanges, and an exhibition about President Ho Chi Minh.

Nguyen Duc Trung, Chairman of the Nghe An provincial People's Committee addressed the opening ceremony of the festival: ‘The Sen Village Festival is an important political and cultural activity to express gratitude and respect to President Ho Chi Minh. Activities at the festival aim to celebrate President Ho’s revolutionary life and career, promote the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality, and lifestyle, and spread to Vietnamese and foreign friends the culture of Sen village and Nghe An province, its dynamism, friendliness, and readiness to expand cooperation with other localities and countries.’

Many localities throughout Vietnam are organizing cultural and art programs to honor President Ho Chi Minh. Books about President Ho have been introduced and exhibits featuring his life and revolutionary career have been organized.

President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birth anniversary celebrated at home and abroad - ảnh 2The Vietnamese Flagpole is inaugurated in South Sudan (Photo: Field Hospital level 2 No 4) 

Exciting activities to celebrate President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birthday are taking place in many other countries. At the field hospital of the Vietnamese Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan, officials and soldiers inaugurated Vietnam and United Nations flagpoles. In an address, Major General Emmanuel Rugazora, Military Commander of Unity Division, South Sudan, sent his best wishes to the staff of the Vietnam Field Hospital on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, a National Liberation Hero and a World Cultural Figure that the people in South Sudan and Africa greatly admire.

President Ho Chi Minh’s 133rd birth anniversary celebrated at home and abroad - ảnh 3Delegates laid a wreath at Uncle Ho Statue in  Montreau Park, Montreuil city (Photo: Quang Dung/VOV-Paris)

In France, Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc, Deputy Mayor of Montreuil city Djeneba Keita, and French friends on Wednesday laid a wreath at the Statue of President Ho Chi Minh in Montreau Park and visited Ho Chi Minh's space in the Museum of Living History. Deputy Mayor Keita reviewed historical milestones including Nguyen Ai Quoc’s participation in the founding of the French Communist Party at the Tours Congress in 1920 and his later great contributions to promoting solidarity among communists in the struggle for colonial liberation.

Celebrating the 133rd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh is an opportunity for the Vietnamese people to continue to honor his great contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese Party and nation as well as to communist and workers’ movements around the world. This is an opportunity to show the deep respect and gratitude of the Vietnamese people and the love and respect of people around the world for President Ho Chi Minh and the vitality  of Ho Chi Minh's thought in the present day.