People are the roots, core foundation of Vietnamese Fatherland Front

Thu Hoa
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong has highlighted the idea of considering "people as the roots" of all activities of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. At a meeting with 63 outstanding cadres of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Hanoi last week, the Party leader emphasized the need to strengthen and consolidate the national great unity during Vietnam's international integration.
People are the roots, core foundation of Vietnamese Fatherland Front - ảnh 1Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong met 63 outstanding cadres of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Hanoi on November, 26, 2022

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said the world is experiencing rapid, complicated, and unpredictable developments with opportunities and challenges intertwined. In that context, the 13th National Party Congress comprehensively looked at the situation of the Party and the country as well as Vietnam’s achievements in national renewal.

The Party leader said Vietnam has never before had such international prestige as it does today. These achievements have been due to efforts by the entire Party, people and army with major contributions by the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

According to the Party leader, the Front staff have played an important role in building, consolidating, and promoting the strength of the great national unity throughout national development periods.

People are the roots, core foundation of Vietnamese Fatherland Front - ảnh 2Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong speaks at the meeting 

Mr. Trong said: "History has proven that the decisive factors of national strength are community cohesion, comradeship, compatriotism, national solidarity, peace and friendship with a strong will of "Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" and aspiration to build a prosperous country, where people can live in independence, freedom and happiness."

"Throughout thousands of years of national construction and defense, that spirit has always been preserved and promoted, becoming the strategy of the Vietnamese revolution, the driving force and enormous resource of the country. Vietnam is upholding the patriotic spirit, determination to become self-reliant, and national unity of nearly hundred million Vietnamese people for the cause of national renewal, construction and development," said the Party leader.

Mr. Trong said that during the more than 35 years of national renewal, the Vietnam Fatherland Front has performed its role as the political base of the government, represented and protected the people's legitimate rights and interests, promoted  national unity, democracy, and public consensus, strengthened oversight and social argument, and participated in the building of the Party and the State and foreign affairs.

The achievements of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in recent years have contributed to realizing Party Resolutions and affirming the core role of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the great national unity bloc. The Party leader said it’s important to uphold the idea that people are the roots and the core foundation for the Front’s activities.

"The Vietnam Fatherland Front and social organizations at all levels need to work closely and promptly grasp the thoughts and aspirations of the people to give timely advice and recommendations to Party committees and authorities. It is necessary to urgently, seriously, and responsibly follow the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws to strengthen national unity, patriotic emulation movements and the 3 national target programs," according to Mr. Trong.

"The Front needs to continue to take care of disadvantaged and vulnerable people while building the Party and making the political system pure and strong. The Front also needs to play an active role in the fight against corruption and negativity," said the Party chief.

The Party General Secretary urged Front cadres at the grassroots level to strengthen communications and education of the people and oversight of major Party and State policies. He said Front cadres at the grassroots level need to regularly foster their qualities, set an example and rely on the people to promote the strength of the great unity bloc.