Party personnel is the essence of the Party, nation

Truong Chau Hoa
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Personnel work of the National Party Congress is defined by the Communist Party of Vietnam as a momentous job as it is decisive for the Party's destiny and leadership, the regime’s survival, and the country’s development. Personnel work is undertaken to nurture the Party and the nation’s development.

Party personnel is the essence of the Party, nation - ảnh 1The 13th National Party Congress (Photo:

These days hostile and reactionary forces carrying out aggressive propaganda campaigns aimed at causing divisions within the Party and Congress, undermine people’s trust in the Party, and discredit the Communist Party of Vietnam globally. Propaganda has been carefully staged by reactionary forces. Websites with foreign domain names and new social media accounts were set up to conduct anti-State propaganda before and during the Congress. A series of "black media" plots were used by reactionary anti-Vietnam organizations to distort the agenda of the Congress. Fabricated claims about human resources that reactionaries and political opponents have made are aimed at causing public confusion, create false information to undermine ideology and redirect public opinion towards false conclusions. After the Congress’ opening session, these claims have continued, distorting analysis and comments on the personnel work of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Despite malicious claims, personnel preparations for the Congress were conducted rigorously. A democratic and objective 5-step procedure for selecting personnel was practiced from the grassroots congresses to the national congress. The selection of special personnel for the 13th National Party Congress was even more rigorous involving a 2-round 8-step process. Such a strict procedure, first of all, shows the responsibility of the Party organization for human resources management. It also creates a more diverse and comprehensive representation of moral and talented people to shoulder state affairs.

Delegate Ho Van Mung from Khanh Hoa, said, “This 5-step procedure helped our Party select ethical and qualified cadres. At the same time, the collection of opinions of each cadre’s neighbors and colleagues on his or her work performance ensures public oversight over that cadre. Your neighbors are those who know you best. I think the 5-step procedure is very strict and I really hope that at this Congress we will choose members for the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, and the Secretariat who are competent and moral enough to develop our Party and country.”

The personnel work was methodically and thoughtfully prepared by the 12th Party Central Committee, the Politburo, and the Secretariat. Over the past two years, the Communist Party of Vietnam organized many training classes taught by high-ranking Party officials.

As Vietnam and the rest of the world undergoes a devastating pandemic, this is a test for the current contingent of cadres. Many of them, from low-level officials to key leaders of the Party and State, have demonstrated courage and resourcefulness in meeting challenges. Past action is an accurate measure of who will be the best leaders for Vietnam in the next five years.

Party personnel is the essence of the Party, nation - ảnh 2Delegate Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue of Ho Chi Minh City (Photo:

Delegate Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue of Ho Chi Minh City, said, “I believe absolutely in the procedure for drafting the Political Report and other documents of this Congress. A new Party Central Committee will be established in a very rigorous manner. Vietnam has never been as developed as it is today, a fact confirmed by the Party General Secretary and President. Never before has the national leadership seen a time as flourishing as today. Inheriting experience and dynamism, the new members of the Party Central Committee will, I believe, steer the country along a new path of development.”

The public expects that, once elected, the new  personnel will truly be the core of the Party and the backbone of the country, who care about creating a better and happier life for the people and greater prosperity for the country as President Ho Chi Minh wished.

Party personnel is the essence of the Party, nation - ảnh 3Delegate Nguyen Minh Tuan of Yen Bai province (Photo:

That will truly be a blessing for all people, delegate Nguyen Minh Tuan of Yen Bai, told VOV, “I hope this Congress will select a contingent of cadres at all levels, but especially at the strategic level, with political sense, dignity, and competence, who will put national interests first and meet the needs of national  development in the renewal era. I am confident that, with the beliefs and aspirations of this Congress, Vietnam will become a prosperous and happy country and the people’s trust will increase.”