Opportunities created to inspire Vietnamese women’s contribution

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(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese women play an important role in building happy families and promoting socio-economic activities and patriotic emulation movements. During the renewal period, Vietnamese women have more opportunities to bring into play their potential and creativity.
Opportunities created to inspire Vietnamese women’s contribution - ảnh 1Opportunities are offered to inspire Vietnamese women’s contribution

Vietnamese women have played a greater role in national development over the past 35 years of renewal. Public awareness about gender equality has increased with women participating in all political, social, and cultural activities. Vietnamese businesswomen account for a quarter of businesspeople in Vietnam.

Many businesswomen have been honored for their achievements and many have received international awards like “Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen”, “Outstanding ASEAN Businesswomen”, “Power Businesswomen”, and “Top 50 Influential Leaders Changing the Industry.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many women-owned businesses have survived and recorded strong growth.

Vice State President Vo Thi Anh Xuan said, 'I believe businesswomen will continue the beautiful tradition of Vietnamese women and turn challenges into opportunities to devise new strategies for their businesses and unite with others to strengthen the business community. Vietnamese businesswomen are contributing to policy making and realization and strengthening business restructuring and digital transformation to grow rapidly and sustainably.'

Aspiring to contribute to national socio-economic development, many Vietnamese women have started successful business. The success of the “Women Startup 2021” program initiated by the Vietnam Women’s Union demonstrated their creativity and ability of Vietnamese women.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thi Xuan Hue of the Ministry of Public Security says, 'I’m moved and proud of what we have done which has been recognized by leaders and the public. I’m honored to represent women of the public security sector to spread the humanity, intellectuality of women in the new period. My success was a result of my strong will, capacity, and the support of my husband and children who have helped me to fulfill my tasks and help the community.'

Women are playing a greater role in every country’s socio-economic development and uniting to create a combined strength. Motivating women to pursue their dreams will create positive changes in the community.