Festival “Colors of Spring” honors ethnic minorities’ cultural treasures

Thu Thao-Ngoc Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The festival “Colors of Spring” will open at the Vietnam Ethnic Tourism and Culture Village in Son Tay town on the outskirts of Hanoi this weekend. More than 200 ethnic people from 25 ethnic groups will participate in the annual event.
Festival “Colors of Spring” honors ethnic minorities’ cultural treasures - ảnh 1Visitors to the festival can learn how to cook delicious dishes from different ethnic groups. (Photo: langvanhoavietnam.vn)

During the festival, traditional customs and folk games, traditional cuisines, and local specialties of ethnic groups will be showcased along with performances of folk music and folk dances.

Highlights will include a program in praise of the Party and spring, a recreation of the Kate or Tower Temple Festival of the Cham ethnic group in Ninh Thuan province, “Chậm đò ho” folk singing of the Tho ethnic group in Thanh Hoa province, and performances of Xoe Thai - a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Visitors can attend recreations of ethnic minority market sessions.

Vì Thị Miên, a resident of Moc Chau district, Son La province, said: "I have been here for 6 years. We have a stall in the market where we sell our brocade products, weaving craft, and local cuisine like five-colored sticky rice."

The market space is a venue for community art exchanges.

Artisan Ly Hong Quan of the Mong ethnic group said: "Mong boys and girls often date at the market sessions. They come to the market to talk, play flutes and panpipes, and sing each other love songs. Playing panpipes is part of the Mong culture. Mong girls like boys who can play the panpipe and dance."

There will be a display of photos with the theme “Traditional festivals in the common house”. Photos of festival activities will be arranged by region.

Visitors will be invited to participate in folk games such as con cloth ball throwing and walking on sticks. The festival “Colors of Spring” is part of the effort to strengthen national unity while preserving and promoting the unique cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups.