Da Nang aims to ensure a happy Tet for workers

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(VOVWORLD) - The Da Nang Municipal People’s Committee will spend nearly 165,000 USD to give 8,000 Tet gifts to workers in difficult circumstances during the Lunar New Year 2024. The local trade unions have organized many activities to ensure a happy Tet for poor workers.
Da Nang aims to ensure a happy Tet for workers - ảnh 1The Trade Union of Mabuchi Motor company presents gifts to workers (Photo: VOV)

On the occasion of traditional Lunar New Year, the Labor Federation of Da Nang will deliver 20,000 Tet gifts, each worth more than 20 USD to union members and workers in difficult circumstances and organize a program called “Trade Union Tet Market”. The Federation will also visit and give gifts to workers who cannot return home to celebrate Tet.

Nguyen Thanh Trung, Chairman of the Trade Union of Da Nang High-Tech Parks and Industrial Parks, said: “Trade unions always stand side by side with workers in many ways, helping them to overcome difficulties and giving gifts to encourage them to continue working. We organized bus trips for union members and their relatives to return home for Tet. The trade union coordinated with the Management Boards of High-Tech Park and Industrial Parks and other agencies to ensure salary and bonus delivery for workers in time for Tet.”

Truong Van Quang, Chairman of the Trade Union of Thuan Phuoc Trade and Fishery JSC, said: “This year, a Tet bonus is worth one month salary while workers in difficult circumstances and those who cannot return home for Tet are provided with additional support. We present them with Tet gift packages and also square sticky rice cakes.”

Nguyen Van Binh, a worker at the Thuan Phuoc Trade and Fishery JSC, said: “We are happy that the company gives year-end Tet bonuses, gas subsidies, child support and other social benefits. With the leadership’s care, we are more engaged with the company. We are glad to know that the company will present lucky money and gifts to workers at the New Year meeting.”

As in previous years, the Trade Unions in Da Nang continue to support disadvantaged workers with bus, train, and air tickets to ensure that they enjoy a happy Tet.