Blood donations during COVID-19 pandemic

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(VOVWORLD) - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, blood reserves in hospitals have shrunk. On a weekly basis, the Steering Committee for Blood Donation in Da Nang, Da Nang hospital, and volunteer Blood Donation Clubs jointly organize blood donation drives. 
Blood donations during COVID-19 pandemic - ảnh 1

Since the latest outbreaks of COVID-19 began, many volunteer blood donation clubs in Da Nang have been on alert, ready to donate blood for emergency cases. 

Doctor Doan Thi Cam Nhung of the Hematology and Blood Transfusion Department of Da Nang hospital said that during the month since the COVID-19 outbreak, blood donation activities have been suspended resulting in dwindling blood reserves. Now the hospital and the blood donation clubs are organizing blood donation drives at the hospital three times a week. 

'These clubs are important resources during the pandemic. Volunteer members are always ready to donate blood. The hospital allows donors to give blood in conditions that follow all COVID-19 prevention measures,' said Nhung.       

Nguyen Duy Hien of Son Tra district, Da Nang city is Head of the Tu Tam Tho Quang Blood Donation Club. He said these days he and other club members are standing by to donate blood to Da Nang hospital. 

'During the COVID-19 pandemic, our club members are ready to donate blood at any moment. When we donate blood, we follow all disease prevention measures recommended by the Ministry of Health. Blood donation is important but it’s particularly important during the pandemic. The hospital needs blood for its patients. We are trying to mobilize more people to donate blood,' said Hien. 

Da Nang city wants to mobilize 36,000 blood units this year.