“A Touch of Flowers” - artworks from recycled fabrics

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(VOVWORLD) - The Le-Ecochic project of a group of students from multiple universities in Hanoi, has organized an exhibition called “A touch of flowers”. The project, in coordination with Panasonic Vietnam, uses recyclable materials, such as scrap fabrics, to make works of art.
“A Touch of Flowers” - artworks from recycled fabrics - ảnh 1“A Touch of Flowers” - artworks from recycled fabrics (Photo: VOV)

The “Touch of flowers” exhibition features paintings on canvases made from scrap and leftover fabrics that the members of the 4V Vietnam group collected from small tailors in Hanoi.

According to artist and curator Vu Tuan Viet, making art works using new materials is a challenge for the student artists.

"This year's works feature more diverse topics and content. The students not only used oil on canvas, but used interaction between oil and wool, fabric grafting, and changed the structure of the fabric. The young artists could not anticipate which fabrics they would have and had to be creative with the ones they received,' said Viet.

Professional and amateur artists are showcasing 30 works on recycled fabrics with different approaches to natural beauty, the human soul, and the impact of digital transformation on modern life.

“A Touch of Flowers” - artworks from recycled fabrics - ảnh 2“A Touch of Flowers” - artworks from recycled fabrics (Photo: VOV)

Many visitors are impressed with the artworks: "The young people are creative. Everything is miraculous. They have mastered their materials and harmoniously combined them to create masterpieces. I’m very impressed."

"I think the project should continue to raise people’s awareness about environmental protection. With scrap fabrics, the young artists can make paintings that raise the value of the material."

The exhibition is part of an effort to minimize the negative environmental impact of textile industry waste. It gives visitors a rewarding aesthetic experience while changing their awareness of environmental protection. The organizers will auction off the artworks to raise money for a Fine Arts Scholarship and tree planting.