Winners announced for Hanoi’s “Km Zero Landmark” design contest

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(VOVWORLD) - “Light Gate” by a group of Hanoi designers has won first prize in a contest to design the “Kilometre Zero Landmark” - a national cultural symbol and important tourist destination in the area around Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake.

Winners announced for Hanoi’s “Km Zero Landmark” design contest - ảnh 1The award ceremony for the contest to design the “Kilometre Zero Landmark” takes place in Hanoi on July 20, 2020. (Photo: Ngoc Anh/VOV5) 

The contest was launched on June 3 by the Vietnam Architecture magazine of the Vietnam Association of Architects and the Hanoi People’s Committee. It awarded the best design for the landmark - an important item within a project to build and upgrade areas around Hoan Kiem Lake. A total of 105 entries were sent to the organising board.

“Hoan Kiem or Sword Lake is considered the heart of the Hanoi capital city. This project aimed at promoting the cultural space surrounding the lake as a national special relic site. The project received many designs for Hanoi’s “Km Zero landmark” and chose the best for the space,” said Pham Tuan Long, Deputy Chairman of Hoan Kiem district’s People’s Committee.

The entries were required to propose the designs of Kilometre Zero landmark at one of three locations provided by the organisation board plus one at the designers’ suggestions.

“Hoan Kiem Lake is a sacred place in Hanoi, an attractive destination representing the capital’s culture and people. Any new construction to rise in the area will surely capture the public’s interests and concerns. The competition, which was open to a wide public, demanded designs that meet very sophisticated requirements,” said Painter Luong Xuan Doan, Chairman of Vietnam’s Fine Arts Association and head of the  jury board.

The winning work was expected to not only show geographical indication but also be highly symbolic, showcasing the cultural and historical identity of the capital.

“Hanoi’s Km Zero landmark is a special artwork which is highly symbolic and modern while representing the cultural and historical values of thousand year-old Thang Long – Hanoi. The design should be a public artwork in harmony with the landscape surrounding the lake, becoming a cultural symbol, a highlight and a unique tourist destination indispensable in the journey of exploring Hanoi of the tourists," said Trinh Hoang Tung, Director of the Management Board of Hoan Kiem district’s Construction Investment Project. 

"Entries were required to submit a public art work that is in harmony with the landscape around Hoan Kiem Lake and spotlights Hanoi’s cultural identity while eliciting an emotional response from Hanoians and tourists alike."

Winners announced for Hanoi’s “Km Zero Landmark” design contest - ảnh 2The "Light Gate" project.

“Light Gate” by Pham Trung Hieu, Pham Thai Binh, Vu Binh Minh, Pham Huy Dong and Nguyen Dang Hai from Hanoi won the first prize in the contest.

“In our design, we decided to use a lighting system to create a virtual artwork which is expected to create much more striking visual impacts for viewers while people can still walk around the light. It can be an ideal rendezvous spot for people visiting Hoan Kiem lake,” Pham Thai Binh told VOV. 

To mark Hanoi’s 1010th anniversary this October, a display will be organised featuring all design projects for Hanoi’s “Km Zero landmark” to collect public opinion on the best possible design for the project.