Vietnamese choir catches up with world choral development

Thu Hoa
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese ensemble Sol Art won their third top prize at the 2017 International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition in Germany. The honor demonstrates that Vietnam’s choral music has caught up with global development.

The loud cheers came in when Vietnam won a gold medal in the folklore category at the competition held in early July. The youngest member of Sol Art is just 7 years old. This was the third time Sol Art has earned an award at such an international event and all members have been grown in confidence. This is one of their prize-winning performances, a folk song called “the rain”.

Beside the folk category, this year’s event saw, for the first time, Vietnam’s competition in the women’s choir category, which is more academic and demanding in vocal ranges and ages with compulsory songs.

Vietnamese choir catches up with world choral development - ảnh 1 Sol Art performs on the stage. (Photo: VOV)

Sol Art’s conductor Dang Chau Anh said: “Vietnam’s female ensemble finished second as expected. The results were encouraging because Vietnam was at a very modest position but competed with very prestigious choirs from Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and the host country Germany”.

Vietnamese choir catches up with world choral development - ảnh 2 Sol Art performs in front of the city hall in Wernigerroder. (Photo: VOV)

At the invitation of the mayor of the host city, Wernigeroder, Sol Art artists took part in a concert night in front of the city hall, which was also the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, a parade, and other concerts under this year’s choir festival and competition.

Vietnamese choir catches up with world choral development - ảnh 3Thr crowd cheers to Sol Art's performance. (Photo: VOV)

Conductor Dang Chau Anh talked about Vietnam’s success at international choir competition: “We stick to the folklore category, where we can make full use of Vietnam’s diverse culture and become unique. We choose different folk songs each year. At the first competition, we selected 3 folk songs of the Central Highlands. The second time, we performed folk songs of the Red River delta. And our performance this year comprised folk songs of all three regions: the north, the central, and the south. We tasked ourselves with promoting Vietnam’s beauty to the world”

Vietnamese choir catches up with world choral development - ảnh 4The prize is presented to Sol Art. (Photo: VOV)

Since 2011, Vietnam has sent artists abroad for choir competitions and welcomed foreign performances to the competition it hosts in Hoi An city.