National Drama Festival 2021 hoped to revive stage after COVID-19

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(VOVWORLD) - The National Drama Festival 2021, demonstrating flexibility and creativity in the face of the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, took place both online and offline in Hai Phong city, and was well received by audiences. 

National Drama Festival 2021 hoped to revive stage after COVID-19  - ảnh 1The play “Horizontal line” features the Hai Phong drama troupe. (Photo: Thuy Hien) 

14 art troupes staged 20 performances during the Festival. The Public Security Theater brought to the festival two works on fighting corruption and inspiring patriotism.

“In the context of the pandemic, all the artists did their utmost to give their best performance. Before the Festival, some artists had to be isolated at home, but we still managed to fulfill our roles,” said Ms. Dao Thanh Mai, an artist with the Public Security Theater. 

The themes of pieces staged at this year’s Festival included history, Vietnam’s revolutionary tradition, current events, social issues, and the modern family.

People’s Artist Tran Ngoc Giau, who directed the play “Horizontal line” featuring the Hai Phong drama troupe, said, “The play is about everyday issues, such as relations between husbands and wives, relations between parents and children, gender equality, and relations outside the marriage. The artists had to face the risk of infection to perform their roles.”

Some plays were only rehearsed a few times. Others spent two years in preparation prior to the Festival. All received a positive response from the audience.

“The play was moving. These days not many people like watching dramas, but I like them because of the profound messages they convey,” said a spectator.

“I hadn’t seen a stage play in a long time. I really enjoyed it,” said another audience member.

National Drama Festival 2021 hoped to revive stage after COVID-19  - ảnh 2The play “The Will of God” by the Vietnam Drama Theater. (Photo:

The National Drama Festival 2021 awarded 102 medals for both the plays and the artists.

“After several delays due to the pandemic, the National Drama Festival 2021 was successfully held, thanks to the determination of the Agency for Performing Arts. We really desire to meet and deliver our best performance for the audience,” said Emeritus Artist Xuan Bac, Director of the Vietnam Drama Theater.