Legacy of Luu Quang Vu and Xuan Quynh in Vietnam's literary scene

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(VOVWORLD) - It has been three decades since that fateful day in 1988 when Vietnam’s literary scene was robbed of two most beloved talents by a tragic accident. The deaths of Luu Quang Vu and Xuan Quynh was something of a national tragedy, but their legacy lives on in their body of literary work.
Legacy of Luu Quang Vu and Xuan Quynh in Vietnam's literary scene - ảnh 1Luu Quang Vu - Xuan Quynh

Luu Quang Vu was born in 1948 in Phu Tho province, where he spent most of his childhood. Vu’s father, Luu Quang Thuan, was a famous playwright. In 1954, the family moved to Hanoi, where Vu lived for the rest of his life. Through multiple career changes — writer, soldier, factory worker, sign painter — Vu continued to create literary works based on his experience. His screenplays, short stories, and poems are realistic efforts that don’t shy away from portraying the trials and tribulations of life in Vietnam during and immediately after the war. By the time Luu Quang Vu died at 40, he had written some 50 screenplays, which are still frequently adapted as theatrical productions or feature films.

"In his writing career of more than 20 years, Luu Quang Vu left us many valuable literary works which have stood the test of time and become cultural assets for future generations. As a playwright, poet, and literary critic, I have learned a lot from Luu Quang Vu, whom I really respect and admire," said  Voice of Vietnam President Nguyen The Ky.

Luu Quang Vu’s plays, short stories and poems are characterized by gritty realism and great humanity, and reflect a great desire for reform. His works criticize the darker side of society, especially corruption and red tape. Some have earned high literary acclaim.

"A true literary work should address reality and life issues. Playwrights are required to treat topics of public concern. Luu Quang Vu addressed a range of topics from history to contemporary society and the problems of daily life," said Dr. Nguyen Huu Son, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Institute of Literature and Editor-in-Chief of Literature Research Magazine.

Vu’s wife, poetess Xuan Quynh, was born in 1942 in Ha Tay province’s La Khe village, now part of Hanoi. Her publications include “Silk – green buds”, “Flowers blossom along war trenches”, “White sand”, and “Lullaby on earth”. Quynh was dubbed the Queen of Poetry and Love.

Luu Quang Vu received the Ho Chi Minh Award for Literature posthumously in 2000 and Xuan Quynh received the same award posthumously in 2017. The couple were adored by all for their relationship and their contribution to literature.