Cork City and Irish Pub Culture

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(VOVWORLD) - The traditions and culture of Ireland are known across the world and whilst millions celebrate and enjoy Irish traditions such as the Saint Patrick’s Day, Pub Culture, and Sports, many are not aware of their origins. In today’s Culture Rendezvous, we will talk with Van Minh Hien, a former student of Cork Institute of Technology in Cork City, Ireland, who will share her experiences in Cork City, which was the European Capital of Culture for 2005, and was included in the Lonely Planet's top 10 "Best in Travel 2010". Hien will also tell us about the Irish pub culture.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 1Kinsale, Cork, Ireland. (Photo: Minh Hien)

Q: Welcome to the show, MH. We’re more than ready to listen to your stories about Cork and Ireland. 

A: Hi guys, thank you for inviting me to this talkshow on Irish culture. I’m very excited to share with you some of my personal experiences and  of the Irish culture.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is MH. I studied in Ireland in 2017-2018.  Let me take you to the city of Cork where I studied and lived for a year. So Cork is the second largest city in Ireland. It’s a breezy, cosmopolitan city with a bustling collection of cool coffee shops, vibrant art galleries, museums, and seriously good pubs. Despite being a city, there’s a towny feel in Cork. It is laidback something, nothing is too much hassle. That’s the reason why I really loved my life in Cork even though I was there just only for a year.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 2Gougane Barra, West Cork, Ireland. 
Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 3St. Finbarr Church in Cork, Ireland. 

Q: What are the most interesting things people can find in Cork city, one of the best places to visit in the world recommended by top travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet?

A: Pleasantly compact, friendly, and with a Irish sense of humor, Cork does things its own way whether it’s jazz festivals or food, or craft beers. And you know what Cork is considered the foody capital of the Republic of Ireland. And together with Dublin and Galway, these three cities were voted among the most friendly cities in the world with Cork in 3rd place, Galway No.5 and Dublin coming in 8th place.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 4Cork City Center before Christmas. (Photo: Minh Hien)

So during my time in Cork, I think this city is by far having the greatest food in Ireland because the quality here is incredible. If you step into the English Market, the local wet market in Cork, you’re just right in the middle of a local food paradise with artisan cheese, sublime smoked fish, creamy chocolate among other buzzing food stalls. So flavor, quality and innovation drive a vibrant restaurant scene in here in Cork. And if craft beers are your thing, you’re in no better place in Cork. For a great craft beer experience, step into the brewpub at the Franciscan Well Brewery and have a glass of Blarney Blonde, Rebel Red or Shandon Stout. Very Tasty.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 5The English Market is a municipal food market in the center of Cork, Ireland, occupying an area stretching from Princes Street to the Grand Parade. (Photo: Minh Hien)
Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 6

K O'Connell Fish Merchants in Cork's renowned English Market. (Photo: Minh Hien)

Q: Thank you for your lovely information about Cork. What about Ireland in general? I bet you traveled a lot there during your study?

A: So going further and wider and deeper into Irish society and culture, I really want to share and highlight my own impressions of the pub culture in Irish society across all cultural divines.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 7Ireland's world renowned The Temple Bar in Dublin. (Photo: Minh Hien) 

In Ireland, traditional pub culture is concerned with more than just drinking. Typically, pubs in Ireland and in the city of Cork where I lived are important meeting places where people can gather and meet with their friends, neighbors and colleagues in a very relaxing atmosphere. It’s just similar to coffee shops and coffee cultures of other countries.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 8 Inside The Temple Bar in Dublin.
Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 9Minh Hien poses with the statute of famous writer James Joyce inside The Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland. 

So best known and loved among tourists to Ireland is the traditional pubs with its traditional Irish music, very vibrant, uplifting and you have the feel of the Irish people and culture when you’re in this pub. Often in such pubs they serve food and seafood, particularly during the day. Nowadays many more modern pubs in Ireland still emulate these pubs. Only perhaps they add some kinds of modern music with DJs.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 10The Rearden's Bar in Cork City, Ireland.  
Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 11The Diamond Bar in Ennis, Claire, Ireland. 

Q: So which pubs in Ireland do you like best?

A: When I was in Ireland I travelled to different cities and enjoyed the pub culture in Cork, Dublin, Galway and I think the pubs in Galway to me, personally, are the best. With great and vibrant, uplifting, traditional and modern music of the Irish people. It’s just the very special atmosphere that it brings to you. And it’s the great place to connect and enjoy your free time with your friends, with your colleagues outside the school hours.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 12Inside a bar in Galway City, Ireland. 

Q: Do the pubs still keep all their old traditions or are there any changes?

A: I think a significance recent change to the pub culture in the Republic of Ireland has been the introduction of a smoking ban in all work places including pubs and restaurants and I think, to the best of my knowledge, Ireland was the 1st country in the world to implement such a ban which was introduced in 2004.

Cork City and Irish Pub Culture - ảnh 13Inside Cork's renowned Oliver Plunkett Pub.  

Q: WOW! So no more smokes getting in your eyes in Irish pubs. Thank you so much for your interesting stories about Irish culture and we’re looking forward to talking with you more about Ireland.

A: I believe there are lots more perspectives and interesting things about the Irish culture that we can continue to talk about, perhaps in the next talkshow with you and thank you for time and for the opportunity for me to share my experiences and impressions of the beauty of the Irish culture.