Reputable Ede people promote their influence

H'Zawut - Ngoc Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Central Province of Dak Lak has more than 900 reputable people of ethnic groups. Among them, the prestigious Ede people have made important contributions to local socio-economic development. They have encouraged ethnic people to preserve and promote their cultural identity and tradition.
Reputable Ede people promote their influence  - ảnh 1Dieu Muu, Deputy Head of the Department of Locality II, Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, gives certificates of merits to reputable people. (Photo: VOV)



All people in Mlang hamlet, Cu Mgar district, know Y HuatNie, an Ede influencer. When the new rural building program was launched, he went to each family to mobilize people to give up freerange husbandry customs, and move livestock and poultry cages under the stilt houses to other places to keep their houses and the village clean. People listened to him, trusted him, and followed him.

Nie said: “I always stand by the villagers when they need me. I tell them to safeguard social order and security. I encourage young people to behave well and work hard to overcome difficulties. I learned and transferred my knowledge to the villagers to make life better.”

Dak Lak province has 49 ethnic groups with a total population of 2.1 million people. The Ede account for 17%. Dak Lak has implemented policies to promote the prestigious ethic people in their community. Last year it organized 5 conferences to provide information to 300 prestigious people, 9 training courses for 660 prestigious people, and 11 delegations to exchange with other provinces.

Reputable Ede people promote their influence  - ảnh 2H’Yâo Knul, Head of Dak Lak provincial Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs gives to Y-Đheh Ayun and others reputable people. (photo: VOV)

H’Yâo Knul, Head of Dak Lak province’s Ethnicity Committee, said: “The development of ethnic minority areas in Dak Lak in particular and the whole country in general has the significant contribution of reputable people. They are the core force and the bridge between the government and people. Over the years they have promoted their influence in the community and met the State's expectations.”

Reputable Ede people are aware that they should set examples for others to follow and unite people to build a more prosperous and happy village. H'Ngoc Eban, a former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Cu Sue Commune, Cu Mgar District, is retired now but still an influencer in the community.

She and her family have continued to be a role model in complying with the State’s policies. “I always tell them to study hard, do decent work, and not follow bad people. Studious children and hard-working parents will make their life better. If we don't have property to handover to our children and grandchildren, we should keep our lives clean and support our children’s study, then they can do useful things for the society.”

Senior villagers, prestigious people, and intellectuals of ethnic groups are exemplary, dedicated, and enthusiastic models who do what they say. They have contributed to socio-economic development as well as maintaining security and social order and safeguarding culture. 

Y Dheh Ayun, an E De man in Ea Tul commune, has helped people maintain important ceremonies and traditional brocade weaving. He played an important role preserving 14 traditional long-houses and many sets of gongs.

“People in Ea Tul commune have upheld traditional culture. With the State’s funding, we can preserve our cultural values. It would be a pity if we lost our culture,” said Ayun.

With a sense of responsibility, reputable people are always at the forefront of patriotic emulation movements. The State's policies for reputable ethnic people have effectively preserved cultural identities and have consolidated the unity of ethnic groups.