Vu Quoc Hung wins futsal award

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(VOVWORLD) - In 2016, one dream of Vietnamese football fans was realized by the national futsal team’s stunning defeat of Japan to win a spot in the Futsal World Cup tournament. Since then, futsal has attracted more fans and more skilled players, including Vu Quoc Hung, who plays for the Hai Phuong Nam team.

Vu Quoc Hung wins futsal award  - ảnh 1(Photo:  )

At the 2018 National Futsal Championship, Vu Quoc Hung was named Best Player for his excellent performance and contribution to the team. Hung made a strong impression on reporters and fans with his intelligent style of play and impressive passing skills. This season Hung was asked to play for the new Da Nang FC team. The team’s coach, Nguyen Quang Minh, said: “Hung has excellent skills and has a good sense of the match. He understands and quickly responds to game tactics. We hope Hung will use his experience to help the younger players on the team perform better in the upcoming tournaments”.

This year the Da Nang FC team has managed to reach the final round. Although not the team captain, Hung provides inspiration to the younger team members. He said: “Before each match, I always set this goal for myself: to do my best and work with my teammates to reach the best result we can”.

Most of the members of the Da Nang FC team are young and inexperienced, so a veteran player like Hung is expected to be a pillar of support. Tran Quang, the team’s captain, said: “Though the Da Nang FC team is a new comer, we consider our youth to be a strong advantage and hope to surprise some people at this tournament”.