Young Vietnamese eager to read more

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(VOVWORLD) - Reading books is not only fun but also allows us to create worlds in our own minds. No matter how fast a society develops, reading remains a very important part of it, where people can improve their social skills with the wealth of knowledge gained from reading.
Young Vietnamese eager to read more - ảnh 1Book festivals have become popular venues for many young Vietnamese. 

Many young Vietnamese prefer reading physical books to online reading. Reading is considered one of the best form of entertainment in addition to enriching one’s experience, according to Nguyen Hai Yen of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district.

"Books are important friends to young people like us. I love reading novels because novels can teach us a lot about life. I’m also interested in smart devices and social networks but books remain an important entertainment channel for me," said Yen.

Book festivals organized in Vietnam over the years have always attracted a great number of visitors, many of them are students. At such events, they’ve shown a great interest in diverse genres, and exchanges with well-known authors.

"I find that reading helps us increase social skills as well as knowledge. My friends and I find things to talk about in book, draw from books materials for projects and presentations, and become well-rounded people," said Tran Thu Giang, a third-year student at Hanoi Medical University.

Reading also solidifies family relations and provides mental refreshment. Many young Vietnamese find that books on culture, science, literature, history, and philosophy are anything but boring.

"Young people are turning to books to find the information they need instead of relying solely on social networks. We publish books on many different topics in the hope they will reach the appropriate readers," said Tran Chi Dat, Editor in Chief of the Information and Communications Publishing House.