Hung Yen prioritizes agricultural restructuring

Huyen Lam
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - For the past five years, Hung Yen has been focused on restructuring its agricultural sector, creating development breakthroughs, and increasing the productivity, quality, and value for a variety of farm produce. As a result, local agriculture has adopted modern production models, improving local people’s incomes and standard of living. For the next five years, Hung Yen will continue to look for ways to boost agricultural production and give local farmers a life of even greater comfort.
Hung Yen prioritizes agricultural restructuring - ảnh 1A high-tech honeydew melon growing model in Tien Tien commune, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen province (Photo:
Agricultural restructuring combined with new-style rural development in Hung Yen has brought about major achievements. Its total agricultural production value has grown at an average rate of 2.9% per year.

By 2020, the value obtained per hectare has reached 210 million VND (more than 9,200 USD), up 60 million VND (over 2,600 USD) per hectare compared with 5 years ago. Per capita income in rural areas in 2020 reached over 50 million VND (nearly 2,200 USD) a year, up 40% against in 2015.

Many mechanisms and policies have been implemented on top of the application of new plant and animal varieties, technologies, and technical advances. This has contributed to increasing productivity and output, boosting the transformation of the agricultural, rural economic structure and labor structure, thus generating jobs and raising incomes for rural workers.

To date, Hung Yen has converted 9,700 ha of inefficient crop land to other crops in combination with livestock and aquaculture for greater profitability.

It has set up 500 specialized areas devoted to agricultural production with more than 2,200 ha for growing vegetables and fruit trees of all kinds in accordance with VietGap standard.  It also has nearly 1,000 cooperatives and farming economic models as well as hundreds of models linking production and the sales of agricultural products.

Livestock has been developed  focusing on farms, safe production and further improving the quality of livestock and poultry breeds. Scientific and technological advancements have been applied in animal husbandry to improve quality, control diseases, reduce environmental pollution, and bring about high economic efficiency.

Hung Yen has attached great importance to developing high-tech agriculture, considering it the main direction for investment, improving product quality, promoting exports, and raising the position of local farm produce in the domestic and international markets.

26 products of Hung Yen have been registered for intellectual property protection,three of which have received protection from the National Office of Intellectual Property for their trademark.

Hung Yen will continue to guide local production and encourage businesses, cooperatives, and households to participate in the "One Commune One Product" (OCOP) program to help increase the value of their products.

Hung Yen prioritizes agricultural restructuring - ảnh 2Nguyen Huu Hung, Director of the Yen Phu Safe Vegetable Cooperative in Yen My district, is harvesting tomatos. (Photo:

The new-style rural building program has spread throughout the locality, resulting in outstanding achievements, and  reaching the finish line many years earlier than planned.

By the end of last year, all 145 communes in Hung Yen have been recognized as new-style rural villages, ranking third nationwide certified by the Prime Minister to have fulfilled this new development mission. 38 communes have met advanced new-style rural standards with improvements in rural economy and people’s spiritual and material life.

The resolution of the provincial 19th Party Congress takes on restructuring the agricultural sector in association with building both enhanced new rural areas and model new rural areas in the next five years. They have defined specific targets to reach in 2030.

They are to restructure the agriculture sector in an effective and sustainable manner and fully tap into its advantages. The value of agricultural and fishery production in the 2021-2025 period is expected to increase by an average of 2.0% - 2.5% per year.

By 2025, the average per capita income in rural areas in Hung Yen will reach 80 million VND (more than 3,500 USD) per person while 55 to 60 communes will meet advanced new-style rural standards. 25 to 30 communes will be recognized as role model villages.

To that end, Hung Yen province has been fostering the restructuring and development of the agricultural sector with production by chains and  high added value.

The locality will continue to focus on large-scale specialised cultivation areas, pilot the establishment of high-tech, organic agricultural areas, and implement the national target program on the New-style rural building. 

In the coming years, Hung Yen province will continue to identify the development of highly efficient, safe, and sustainable commodity agriculture, well-off farmers, and civilized rural areas as one of key tasks from now until 2025.