Farmers, enterprises in An Giang province connected for rice sales

Phan Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - An Giang province is at the peak of its harvest of agricultural products, especially summer-autumn rice. But the pandemic is making the harvest more difficult. The An Giang administration has implemented support measures meant to increase connections to improve rice sales.
Farmers, enterprises in An Giang province connected for rice sales - ảnh 1A summer-autumn rice harvest in An Giang (Photo: VOV)

Tinh Bien district has harvested about 70% of its 17,500 hectares of summer-autumn rice. Although Tinh Bien is observing social distancing rules, support from the district authority has made harvesting and transporting the rice less of a problem.

Tran Van Xuan, head of a team in Tan Lap commune’s rice cooperative, said most of the team’s rice cultivation area has been harvested, with a yield of about 6.5 tons per hectare.

“The district's agricultural sector and Tan Lap commune’s administration have helped us connect with businesses who have agreed to purchase all of our rice and send workers to help us load it. We are providing the workers with temporary accommodations,” said Xuan.

According to Truong Kien Tho, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the pandemic has seriously affected the output of An Giang’s farm produce, including its rice.

But the Department is working with the local government and related agencies to solve problems for farmers trying to sell their produce while complying with all pandemic control rules.

Mr. Tho said, “The price of summer-autumn rice is usually less than the main crop. And it’s been raining a lot in An Giang during this time of a year, reducing the quality and price of the rice. This year is even more difficult because of the pandemic. Rice profits have been further reduced by transportation difficulties.”

In the past, buyers used to pay a deposit to reserve the rice before the harvest, but now those same buyers are forcing farmers to reduce price. An Giang province is working with businesses and farmers to make sure the farmers can sell their rice at the best possible price.

Farmers, enterprises in An Giang province connected for rice sales - ảnh 2This year’s summer-autumn rice crop in An Giang province will produce 230,000 ha of rice and sticky rice. (Photo: VOV)

An Giang has planted more than 200,000 ha of regular rice and more than 27,600 ha of sticky rice for this year’s summer-autumn crop. It is expected to complete rice planting by the end of August, with an estimated output of 620,000 tons.

An Giang has 12 companies buying the rice grown in a 15,600-hectare area. The Loc Troi Group serves as a point of contact for other enterprises in the province.

Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, said everything will be done to remove obstacles but these activities must comply with all pandemic control regulations.

He said, “Since the COVID-19 epidemic is likely to continue, the provincial People's Committee will continue to improve its quick response team and address any difficulties that arise in harvesting, transporting, and selling agricultural products”.

Binh added, “Agencies and enterprises in the province will be connected with the farmers to help them harvest, store, and sell their rice. The connections will take many forms, including e-commerce. The province's Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control has been asked to make a vaccination plan for everyone involved in harvesting, purchasing, and transporting farm produce.”