Bahnar ethnic people in Gia Lai province unite in new-style rural building

Hoang Quy
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Almost every family in the Dok Rong village in Glar commune, Gia Lai province, belongs to the Bahnar ethnic minority. Dok Rong has been an outstanding village in implementing the National Target Program on New-style Rural Building. Dok Rong villagers have embraced the local government’s efforts to change the locality and make Glar one of the new-style rural communes of Dak Doa district.
Bahnar ethnic people in Gia Lai province unite in new-style rural building - ảnh 1The community house is built using the funding contributed by the villagers. (Photo: VOV)

The roads to Dok Rong village are newly paved and lead to spacious houses with large concrete yards for drying coffee.  

The advances were achieved by applying technology to farming and animal husbandry and investing in machinery. Household incomes have increased, says Amye, a Dok Rong villager.

He told VOV, “In the past, life was difficult. The new-style rural building has given me a new, more profitable way to grow. Now my family earns about 8,700 USD a year from growing coffee. A few years ago, I built  a new house worth 31,000 USD.”

In addition to growing coffee, people in Dok Rong also grow wet rice on more than 50 hectares, turning out two crops a year.

In previous years, the harvest was difficult because there were no access roads to the paddy fields. People had to carry rice bags from the fields to motorbikes to get them home.

But since 2019, when roads to the fields were built, the villagers can drive tractors to the fields.

A Dok Rong villager named Ue, who donated nearly 100m2 of land for road building, recalled, “The roads used to be narrow, making it difficult to travel. When the local administration decided to widen the roads, my family willingly donated land to the project. The villagers agreed that every family would donate part of their land to build the roads, to make it easier to transport agricultural products during the harvest season.”         

A Mien, the village chief, recalled that in 2013, Dok Rong villagers designated the village land fund of 1.6 hectares for coffee growing and assigned 10 groups to tend the plants.

Each harvest contributes 8,700 USD to the village's new-style building fund to serve communal needs. Several works have been built using the fund, including a community house worth 13,000 USD.

The villagers have also donated more than 2,600 USD to build fences and gates for the primary school in the village.

Bahnar ethnic people in Gia Lai province unite in new-style rural building - ảnh 2Dok Rong villagers become well-off thanks to working hard. (Photo: VOV)

A Mien said that only 10 of 230 households in the village are considered poor. Last year the village’s per capita income reached 1,800 USD.

According to A Mien, “These achievements are thanks to local people working hard and being united with each other. They have been more united than ever in fighting the pandemic, donating land to build roads, and making life better."

Wishing to make the village richer and more beautiful, village groups have been set up to support each other in capital, farming techniques, and working days to develop production.  

Bui Quang Thoai, Vice Chairman of the Glar commune People's Committee, said, “Dok Rong has been recognized as a new-style rural village. The locals have realized the importance of the program in making the village more prosperous and improving their lives."

The more their material life has been stabilized, the more the locals’ spiritual life has been enhanced and the more local cultural values and traditions have been promoted.