Party member Ba Liem promotes innovative ideas in production

Vinh Phong
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - 70-year-old Tran Thanh Liem, also called Ba Liem, lives in Nguyen Phich commune, Ca Mau province. He is former Secretary of the provincial Youth Union and Deputy Head of the provincial Committee for Mass Mobilization. 
Party member Ba Liem promotes innovative ideas in production - ảnh 1Ba Liem works in his farm (Photo: VOV)

When he retired in 2011, Ba Liem continued to set an example of a Party member in production and to support other villagers in economic development.

“This land has potential for agricultural production, fishery, and eco-tourism. The people don’t have experience. They knew that they need change for development, but didn’t know how to change to combine agriculture and services. I have certain knowledge and passion. I have applied new methods and technology in agriculture,” Ba Liem said.

“Since I retired, I have engaged in communication activities. I helped establish a Cooperative where people share information and support each other in production. I continue to serve the community with my knowledge.”

Since 2015, Ba Liem’s household has earned around 22,000 USD per year from growing fruit trees and offering tourist services. Many of his neighbors have replicated his farm model. In 2018 he encouraged the villagers to form the Green Farm Agro-Forestry and Tourism Cooperative.

Le Trung Kien, Chairman of Nguyen Phich commune’s People’s Committee, said, “Ba Liem has experience in growing fruit trees. Since the Green Farm Cooperative was established, it has helped the villagers develop agricultural production. His neighbors have learned from his successful model. He helps the commune with community tourism.”

Ba Liem, a retired Party member, has continued to make efforts to develop his homeland.