“Trust lighting” program makes Dak Nong Power Company household name among disadvantaged locals

Hoang Quy
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Dak Nong Power Company has designated November a month to thank customers through a program to help poor households and policy beneficiaries. The company has advised its customers how to use power economically and safely and has improved its services.
“Trust lighting” program makes Dak Nong Power Company household name among disadvantaged locals - ảnh 1 More than 300 households in hamlet 11 and 12 in Dak Nong province have been connected to the national grid. (Photo: VNA)

H’Brai’s family is one of the disadvantaged households in Dak Nong province to have benefited from this year’s program.

She says her family’s electric appliances have been dead or flickering for a long time, but the family cant afford to replace them.

H’Brai says she was delighted to have the devices repaired by workers of the Dak Nong Power Company.

“I want to thank the power company for replacing our wiring so that our electrical system is safer and more convenient,” Brai said.

Similar to H’Brai’s situation, the electrical system of H’Mhao’s family in Dak Nia village hasn’t been repaired in a long time, making it difficult for the children to study in the evening. H’Mhao says everything has changed thanks to help from the local electricity sector.                  

“The Dak Nong Power Company fixed our electrical system. In the past when lightbulbs burned out, we didn’t know what to do. My children found it hard to study. Everything is better now,” said H'Mhao.

The highlight of the 2019 customer appreciation program is the trust lighting program under which the company has repaired and replaced woring and light bulbs free for 100 poor households and policy beneficiaries in the province. All the new lightbulbs are energy-efficient.

Dak Nong Power Company organized a program to teach students at Tran Van On Primary School how to prevent electricity accidents and conserve electricity. Teacher Phan Thi Hang said: “We are happy to learn about energy efficiency and safety. This program teaches students to use electricity economically and safely. They then tell other family members about energy conservation and safety.”

Nguyen Van Trinh, the company’s Deputy Director, says the provincial electricity sector is customer-centered and considers customer satisfaction the measure of its success.

“The entire province, even remote areas, now has electricity, thanks to strong investment in upgrading the power grid. The 'trust-lighting' program has been a big success,” said Trinh.

This year’s customer appreciation program included a conference and a ceremony to honor energy-saving households.