Moc Chau to become tourism hub in northwest region

Thu Thuy, VOV’s reporter in northeastern region
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(VOVWORLD) - With diverse terrain, especially cool steppe climate ideal for resort tourism development, the Moc Chau National Tourist Site is considered a "jewel" of Son La province and the northwest region. Many projects worth dozens of millions of USD have been up and running, helping to awake the potential of the site.


Moc Chau to become tourism hub in northwest region - ảnh 1The Moc Chau milk paradise model. (Photo: VOV)

Moc Chau milk paradise is a new project of Moc Chau Dairy Cattle Breeding Company.

Fully named "Moc Chau eco-farm complex and high-tech dairy cattle farm, Moc Chau milk paradise", it was one of 11 projects approved by Son La province last month and is expected to be put into operation in 2024.

Meanwhile, after 4 years, many works of the high-class pine forest resort and amusement project in Ang village have gradually been completed.

Each year, it attracts  tens of thousands of tourists.

Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of Phuong Hoang Moc Chau International Tourism Development Company and the project’s investor, said that thanks to authorities’ support, land clearance for the 50-hectare project was done in just 3 months.

“After 3 months since receiving the investment license, we have completed 2 works with a total investment of more than 4.4 million USD. The project will serve primarily people in the northwest region before we can make it an amusement park for northern provinces,” said Hung.

The Phuong Hoang Moc Chau International Tourism Development Company has generated jobs for 200 local people.

Over the past 5 years, the Moc Chau National Tourist Site has attracted 49 projects with registered capital totaling more than 309 million USD. 24 of them  are now in operation.

Moc Chau to become tourism hub in northwest region - ảnh 2Moc Chau Plateau is often referred to as Da Lat in the northwest.

Long Trung Tam, Chairman of Moc Chau district People’s Committee, said, “Moc Chau has established an investment attraction team led by a deputy chairperson. Members include representatives of agencies, sectors, and communes where the projects are located.”

“After receiving an investor's proposal, we will conduct field assessment and discuss with the district People's Committee before submitting to higher level authorities for approval. For key projects, we will hold weekly meetings to update the implementation progress and work closely with investors to remove any obstacles,” said Tam.

Moc Chau is an important part of the northwest tourism corridor. Together with attracting potential investors, Son La province and its districts are doing their best to improve the quality of human resources to turn each local person into a "tourist ambassador".

Moc Chau is speeding up vaccination to ensure the district is a safe destination to domestic and international visitors.