Happy School model spreads in mountainous province

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Inspired by UNESCO’s Happy School project, the Happy School model was piloted in Vietnam in 2018 and has been expanded nationwide. In the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai, every day at school should be a happy day for students.
Happy School model spreads in mountainous province - ảnh 1Ethnic Boarding School students in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province, play games.
(Photo: yenbai.gov.vn)

The Happy School model is focused on love, safety, and respect. Every student should feel the warmth and love of teachers and friends.

“Every day is a happy day for us because we study in an environment of love, protection, and respect. We are protected from school violence and participate in useful and interesting activities. We learn theory and life skills and do lots of practical exercises and outside activities,” said a school girl.

“Every day I feel very happy to go to a school where the teachers care about the students. Friends help each other. We participate in useful extracurricular activities and learn to maintain good health,” said another student.

The model has dramatically changed many schools in Yen Bai province. Much investment has been made in infrastructure, making schools greener, cleaner, more beautiful, more modern, safer, and friendlier.

Teachers have revised teaching methods away from one-way communication toward methods that tap the students' capacity, assess progress by comparing the results in each period, and organize a variety of group activities.

All these things contribute to creating a happy class, according to some parents.

A mother said her family were reassured “when our children receive useful lessons and interesting experiences at school. We will support the school in developing a better and happier learning environment.”

“We feel very good about our children having a good learning environment and exciting school experience,” said a father.

As of this academic year, more than one third of the 452 schools in Yen Bai have applied the Happy School model.

Vuong Van Bang, Director of the provincial Education and Training Department, said the model is no longer a distant dream.

“We will continue the Happy School model to make every day at school a happy day for the children,” said Bang.

Happiness and quality are considered the two most important measures of education today.