Young people in Quang Ninh province lead technology movement

Truong Giang & Thu Hang
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Young people are being encouraged to take the lead in inventing and applying science and technology in all aspects of life. VOV’s Truong Giang reports on the movement in Quang Ninh province.
Young people in Quang Ninh province lead technology movement - ảnh 1Nguyen Tuan Linh (middle) (Photo: VOV)

Nguyen Tuan Linh, a 10th grader at Bach Dang High School in Quang Yen township, is the mastermind behind an automated sanitizer installed at the provincial general hospital and a health clinic in Quang Yen, a poultry farm deodorizer, and a machine to clean the foamy surface of shrimp ponds.

Linh said, “I created these products to serve the people living around me. I took my inspiration from daily life. I’m really happy to be helping the community. As long as you are passionate about scientific research, your hard work, with the help of your teachers, will definitely pay off.”    

Other students in Quang Ninh province, just as young as Linh, have invented a tool to guide blind people; a test kit for formaldehyde, a toxic substance sometimes found in rice noodles and seafood; Norvel – a travel app for northern Vietnam; and a method for creating an environment in which to raise spirulina. These inventions were honored at competitions inside and outside Vietnam.    

Young people in Quang Ninh province are producing technology for health care, reform of administrative procedures, start-ups, and coal production.

Nguyen Trong Tue of the Quang Hanh Coal Company, whose initiatives are being replicated, said, “We have established an association for Communist Youth Union members who work in Quang Ninh’s coal companies who have invented ways to optimize coal production. We believe mechanization and technology are the key to improving our working conditions and productivity.”

A number of festivals and competitions have been held over the years for children, teenagers, and young adults to showcase their technological innovations.

Young people in Quang Ninh province lead technology movement - ảnh 2The Communist Youth Union of Quang Ninh's coal companies honors creators of new technologies. (Photo: VOV)

Pham Hong Thai, Deputy Secretary of the Quang Ninh provincial Communist Youth Union, said these competitions have turned ideas into reality.

“Contestants at these competitions have formed clubs for start-ups and researchers at universities. We hope they will inspire other young people to contribute to economic growth,” according to Thai.

Quang Ninh authorities have allocated funds to the development of science and technology, aimed at e-governance and smart cities. They see qualified human resources and technological applications as the engine for growth.