“I cry when listening to songs about President Ho Chi Minh”

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(VOVWORLD) - President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of the Vietnamese people, is much loved and respected by the Egyptians. One Egyptian, Mohamed Anees Sharara, reads books and listens to songs about Uncle Ho and his simple, humble lifestyle. Mohamed even wrote a song about Ho Chi Minh City. 
“I cry when listening to songs about President Ho Chi Minh” - ảnh 1 Mohamed Anees Sharara often reads books about President Ho Chi Minh.

Mohamed Anees Sharara is a public servant who is married to a Vietnamese woman. He loves music and often plays his guitar on the weekend. He and his wife Ca Thuong listen to songs about President Ho Chi Minh so often that he knows the lyrics by heart.

He said: “Ho Chi Minh is a big leader of Vietnamese. Believe me! When I heard this song sang by children, I cried.”

The more Mohamed learns about Uncle Ho and his quest for national salvation, which led to Vietnam’s reunification and development, the more Mohamed desires to visit Ho Chi Minh City, which inspired him to write the song “Ho Chi Minh City by night”.

His love for President Ho Chi Minh grew fonder when he visited Ho Chi Minh City.

Mohamed said: “They say seeing is believing. Because I’m here, I know that he was very simple and humble though he was a big politician. He did something not all people could do, which was leading the Vietnamese to victory and building a modern country. His thoughts are very strong. He reminds me of myself. I can see myself in him. We have same personality”.

“I cry when listening to songs about President Ho Chi Minh” - ảnh 2 Mohamed with his wife Ca Thuong and his kid (Photo: VOV)

Mohamed’s wife Ca Thuong says Uncle Ho sets a bright example for her husband to follow: “Mohamed wants to lead a simple life, as Uncle Ho did. He hopes after he retires to live in a small house with a small garden in rural Vietnam where he can enjoy a peaceful life.”

Mohamed is proof that Ho Chi Minh’s thought and lifestyle are relatable not just to Vietnamese, but to people around the world.