G’lams – a creative playground for youngsters

Thuy Tien-Thu Hoa
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - G’LAMS is an annual Musical Project of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted drawing more than 100 high school pupils and students in Hanoi. After many years of organization, G'LAMS has the opportunity to perform on big stages such as the Opera House, the Vietnam-Russia Cultural Friendship Palace, and the Youth Theater. G'LAMS is not only a venue for young people to express their theatrical enthusiasm but also their profession and creativity. Recently, the musical "Empty Sky Lanterns" marked the impressive return of G'LAMS 2022 with dramatic content attracting viewers to the last scene.
G’lams – a creative playground for youngsters - ảnh 1A scene in the musical "Empty Sky Lanterns"

"Empty Sky Lanterns" takes the audience into the glory days of steam technology in a sci-fi world. Opening the play is the image of two girls with big dreams and ambitions.  Camilla wants to become a police officer to eliminate all crimes, while Lana wants to work at Charlie's research institute. When they grow up, they have fulfilled their childhood dreams.

But mysterious cases have continuously occurred at the research institute where Lana works, leading to thrilling stories, mysterious fates, and lots of questions. Viewers were impressed with eye-catching visuals, attractive sound, and natural acting.

A man said: “When I watch the Musical, I really admire the young generation. It’s beyond my expectation. They are high school students, but they can produce a dramatic performance like students of arts schools.”

“I admire their creativity in visual effect, music, and logistics, which are very professional. They have a modern mind of art and music. Every time I watch it, I get goose-flesh. The content and logics are good which make people curious and cannot predict the ending.” “I'm also surprised to see their progress. I've watched many musicals, but this one makes me feel the most excited and inspired. They are really talented and passionate. I see that every role has done well. There are no supporting roles.”

G’lams – a creative playground for youngsters - ảnh 2A scene in the "Empty Sky Lanterns" 

50 pupils who perform in the musical are also the directors of content, scripts, choreography, light, music, clothes.

Nguyen Dinh Minh, a grade 12 pupil, is the general director: "We started from writing the script, lyrics, and music. This is a musical which means it has music and drama and we act, sing, and dance. Besides impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, we lack of experience. But youth is our strength. We are passionate to do a lot of things.’

Two of the main characters are students from different universities. Nguyen Dat, a student of the Photography Department of the University of Cinematography, plays Charlie, a strict, perfectionist, and conservative doctor of science.

“First, this role is a completely opposite version of my personality, from the gait, tone, attitude, and energy which are of a calm old man. I am 18 years old and very energetic. While practicing, I tried to be a new person, a calmer person. This playground attracts me and many young people to work together. Second, everyone, including actors, dancers, and singers, works with each other and are ready to help each other. This is the playground for me to overcome myself,” Dat said.

Bui Anh Thu, a first-year student of the Vietnam Academy of Dance, plays the young policeman Camila, who lives with the idea of eliminating violations in society.

“I’ve never talked loudly on the stage because I’m a choreographer. My emotion exploded when I walked onto the stage. This is a meaningful playground for young people in Vietnam. Musical is not popular in Vietnam. It’s good for the future of Vietnamese theatrical art when young people have access to such an art form," Thu said.

With the success of the musical "Empty Sky Lantern", G'LAMS continues to affirm itself as a creative playground for young people to express their new and youthful view of art as well as to convey meaningful messages to young people.