Digital reading spreads the love for books

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(VOVWORLD) - Smart devices have dramatically changed many people’s reading habits. Instead of carrying heavy books everywhere, people opt for e-books or reading online. This convenience has contributed to promoting reading culture in Vietnam. 

Digital reading spreads the love for books - ảnh 1The opening ceremony of the 2nd online Book Festival in a Hanoi, April 21, 2021. (Photo:

Nguyen Thi Oanh, a security staff member working in Hanoi often reads online news and short stories with her smartphone in her free time to keep herself updated. Oanh believes that parents should set a good example to nurture their children’s reading habits.  

"I often read online news to get updated information on education and healthcare. I also read books with my children in the evening. I still prefer traditional reading and often buy books for my kids, including those on science, nature and society," said Oanh.  

Online reading has become more popular in Vietnam in recent years. People can easily access news online via their smartphones while waiting for a bus, during a trip, or on break times at work. E-books have helped save costs for many people with moderate incomes, including students, according to Nguyen Minh Hang of Hanoi.

"I find it more convenient reading e-books via smartphone while on the bus or on a trip out of town. I can choose the best reading methods depending on the situations," said Hang.  

Digital reading spreads the love for books - ảnh 2The online reading platform (Photo:

Vietnam’s Book Day on April 21 has been virtually organized on the platform over the past 2 years. On this platform, readers can also take part in seminars on reading culture in the digital transformation era, listen to speakers introducing their new books, and interact with their favorite authors. The platform also helps readers find selected books among thousands on its list.

"I think this trend is irreversible in today’s technological era. All aspects of life are changing with digital transformation and e-commerce. E-books have seen a strong growth of even more than 20% in countries with developed e-publishing,” said Nguyen Nguyen, Deputy Chairman of Vietnam’s Publishing Association.

“Many domestic publishing houses have acknowledged this trend and tried their best to adapt to it. I think this will help promote book festivals and e-books on a larger scale," he said.

A unique feature of e-reading is that it allows readers to comment and rate books they’ve read. Readers can then share their favorite books on social media and take part in diverse reading programs launched by publishers.

"Last year more than 1 million students nationwide registered to take part in book promotion events and the number is expected to keep increasing this year. Students with their action plans, enhanced knowledge, and skills thanks to reading will help further promote our reading culture," said Pham Quoc Hung, Head of the Library Division of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.