Successful farmer passionate about charity work

To Tuan
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(VOVWORLD) - Ngo Van Dau of An Giang province is known as a successful farmer. Dau also is active in charity work to help disadvantaged people. 
Successful farmer passionate about charity work - ảnh 1Ngo Van Dau in his ambulance. (Photo: Phan Anh/ VOV) 

Ngo Van Dau was born into a poor family. Through great effort, Dau became a role model in agricultural production. Dau now has 20-hectare for fish breeding, which earns him 86,000 USD per year and employs 18 people. Dau leases 9 hectares of his farmland for charity purposes. He said when his family started earning extra income, he thought of helping the poor.

“My commune is in a poor remote area. I want to do something to help people such as purchasing a vehicle to transport sick or injured people to the hospital or building a cemetery,” Dau said. 

Dau and his two brothers have bought ambulances for 53,000 USD to provide free service to local people. Dau also supports poor patients’ families and Dau contributes to building bridges and upgrading roads in his area.

Tran Thi Nguyet, Dau’s wife, said Dau is passionate about doing charity work.

“He spends most of his time doing charity work. I support him,” she elaborated.

Successful farmer passionate about charity work - ảnh 2

Born into poverty, Dau is really sympathetic to the poor and is always ready to help them.

“When my family was struggling, I wished to become rich one day, so I could help people in need. I am so happy that my wish has come true,” Dau said.

Dau has been involved in charity work for more than 20 years. Recently, he donated more than 1,000 square meters and 21,000 USD to expand the local cemetery. Dau has received Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister and the Vietnam Farmers’ Association.