Soldier helps improve lives in border area

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(VOVWORLD) - Senior lieutenant Kim Minh Duc, a youth assistant to the border soldiers in Tra Vinh province, is a role model in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example. Duc has been helping poor people in the border area. 
Soldier helps improve lives in border area - ảnh 1 Senior lieutenant Kim Minh Duc (third from left) duirng a working trip with local youth union members. (Photo: VOV) 

Kim Minh Duc was born in the border district of Duyen Hai in Tra Vinh province. In 2013, after graduating from the Political Officers College, Duc worked at the Long Hoa border guard station. After one year, he was appointed youth assistant to the border soldiers.

“I had a lot of trouble at first working as a youth assistant. But, the more I do it, the more interesting it becomes, because I can help connect the border soldiers and the local people,” Duc said.

Seeing that many local people still live in poverty, Duc has initiated activities to help them improve their lives. Duc said it’s necessary to learn their aspirations and wishes in order to help them.

“Many people in the border area have lots of economic problems. I hope youth movements and activities can help them," he said.

Programs that have been launched include a donation of gifts to people who contributed to the revolution and to poor students. Duc has taken part in campaigns to raise public awareness about traffic safety, and drug abuse and activities to upgrade rural roads and irrigation systems and help victims of natural disasters. He has received praise from local people and authorities.

“Senior lieutenant Minh Duc is respected by local people, especially the Khmer. He is very active in youth movements and mass mobilization activities,” said Lieutenant Thach Viet of My Long border station.

Kim Minh Duc was recently honored as one of 10 outstanding young border soldiers for his contribution to community activities.