Ethnic minority pastor serves as role model in production, social work

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(VOVWORLD) - Pastor Dieu Phi of the Mnong ethnic group is a role model in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong. He was the only ethnic representative from Dak Nong to attend the recent National Patriotic Emulation Congress.

Ethnic minority pastor serves as role model in production, social work  - ảnh 1Pastor Dieu Phi (L) helps local people develop production. (Photo: VOV)

At this time of year, Pastor Dieu Phi is busy harvesting coffee. Phi’s family earns a good income from 3 hectares of coffee. He is a role model in economic development and social work, encouraging his neighbors to abandon backward customs and develop their production. In recent years, law and order in Bu Mlanh hamlet has been secured and improved, and local people have been actively participating in the program to build new rural areas.

“During religious meetings, I talk about Party and State policies and share with people information about agricultural production and husbandry,” said Dieu Phi.

Dieu Gia Co of Bu Mlanh hamlet said the local Mnong ethnic people used to grow coffee but used backward cultivation techniques so their efforts were not very productive. Thanks to Dieu Phi’s instruction in irrigation and fertilizing techniques, productivity has improved.

“The lives of local people have improved thanks to Pastor Dieu Phi. The harvest time for coffee trees has been shortened from 4 years to 2 years. Pastor Phi leads a good religious life,” said Gia Co.

Ethnic minority pastor serves as role model in production, social work  - ảnh 2Pastor Dieu Phi’s family contributes land to building rural roads. (Photo: VOV)

To build new rural areas, Dieu Phi has contributed part of his land and encouraged his neighbors to contribute to building rural roads. Ms. Thi Giong of MLanh hamlet said transportation has improved in recent years.

“Mr. Dieu Phi told people how to grow coffee more effectively. He also contributed a lot to the new rural development program. Pastor Dieu Phi is highly respected,” said Giong.

Mr. Hoang Ngoc Thuc, Chairman of Dak Rtih commune, said Dieu Phi is a prestigious person in the area. He has mobilized resources to build wells and charity houses and support disadvantaged people, Thuc said.

“Pastor Dieu Phi is a respected figure, so he can communicate Party and State guidelines to ethnic people effectively. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Phi has donated 400 face masks and money to the pandemic effort,” he said.