Dong Nai province’s role model of business and social work

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(VOVWORLD) - Hoang A Pau of Bao Quang commune, Dong Nai province, is known in his area for running a successful business and actively participating in social work. Over the years, Pau has always taken the lead in movements to help his neighbors increase production and escape poverty.

Dong Nai province’s role model of business and social work  - ảnh 1

Mr. Hoang A Pau (R) has been an inspiration for local people to escape poverty. (Photo: Xuan Luong/VOV)

Hoang A Pau’s 2 hectares of orchard earn him an income of around 13,000 USD per year. Having undergone much hardship, Pau now is a role model of successful agricultural production in his locality.

Pau has helped many people by loaning them money and teaching them new farming and husbandry techniques. Many local people have escaped poverty thanks to Pau’s help, including Le Van Xuyen of Bao Quang commune.

“Mr. Pau has encouraged and helped us a lot. We used to live in poverty, but now our living standard are much higher,” said Xuyen.

Mr. Pau has contributed money to road upgrading, and has mobilized resources to provide scholarships and bicycles to poor children. A community model helping ethnic children attend school has enlisted 24 ethnic minority families and raised thousands of USD.

Pau said it is essential to understand Party and State policies and guidelines and communicate them to others.

“I share with my neighbors my experience in doing business. I actively participate in social work to help more people,” he said. 

Ms. Luong Thi Bao Thuy, Chairwoman of Bao Quang commune’s Fatherland Front, said: “Mr. Pau is not only a successful farmer, but also a dedicated and active participant in the Fatherland Front’s activities. He always cares for and helps others.”