VOV celebrates World Radio Day

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - VOV and UNESCO celebrated this year’s World Radio Day, themed “Radio and Diversity” on Thursday at VOV’s headquarters in Hanoi. 
VOV celebrates World Radio Day - ảnh 1 UNESCO Head of Office in Vietnam Michael Croft 

UNESCO Head of Office in Vietnam Michael Croft stressed the importance of radio, saying it is a global, homogenous, and popular means of media, particularly in disadvantaged, rural, and remote areas. Croft talked about the theme of this year’s World Radio Day: “First, to advocate for diversity in radio, including a mix of public, private, and community broadcasters. Technological advances have done much to advance this, especially now that radio stations can broadcast digitally, which dramatically increases the number of stations that are available to listeners. Second, the day reminds us to diversify the news room, to build an editorial team that reflects the elements of society, bringing in different perspectives and different opinions, enhancing radio’s credibility and attractiveness to the audience. Finally, we need to promote a diversity of editorial content and program types that reflect the variety of the audience.”

As a leading multimedia platform that includes radio, television, print newspaper, and online newspaper broadcasting in 13 ethnic languages and 12 foreign languages, VOV is a shining example of diversity in radio. VOV’s Vice President Tran Minh Hung said: “VOV has always been a pioneer in innovating and modernizing the media to meet the needs of the public in the digital information era. Our radio stations have introduced numerous high-quality programs involving greater interaction with listeners so that they, particularly the young ones, will continue to listen to us.”

VOV celebrates World Radio Day - ảnh 2 VOV’s Vice President Tran Minh Hung

VOV has enthusiastically responded to World Radio Day, celebrated annually on February 13 for several years. This year, VOV held a seminar themed “Radio and Diversity”, a live radio show called “Love and radio”, and an exhibition of multimedia technology for radio.

World Radio Day was celebrated for the first time in 2012 to promote public awareness of the role of radio, enhance cooperation among radio stations, and honor their contributions.

The day offers radio stations an opportunity to promote their programs, share their experience, and identify new technology trends.