VOV celebrates World Radio Day 2022 themed “Radio and Trust”

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) celebrated the eleventh edition of World Radio Day on Friday, themed "Radio and Trust", and hosted a talk show on how radio should develop as a reliable source of information. 
VOV celebrates World Radio Day 2022 themed “Radio and Trust” - ảnh 1VOV hosts a forum to mark World Radio Day 2022.

Domestic and foreign participants on the talk show agreed that radio remains an updated, trusted, and far reaching information channel but it should find its own way to captivate listeners’ interest in the digital era.

February 13 was proclaimed World Radio Day by UNESCO in 2012. The event has been celebrated in Vietnam annually for the past decade.

VOV Vice President Ngo Minh Hien said, "In the age of information explosion, the most important role of radio is to establish a reliable source of information. That's also why this year UNESCO has adopted the theme of World Radio Day as 'Radio and Trust'. Today's event serves as a forum for broadcasters across Vietnam to share experience, find new directions for radio, and affirm the role of radio as leading streams of information, the easiest access for the public.”

VOV celebrates World Radio Day 2022 themed “Radio and Trust” - ảnh 2VOV Vice President Ngo Minh Hien addresses the ceremony. 

The way radio outperforms other media channels was highlighted at the forum. But participants admitted that the booming development of technology and social platforms, where users are unknowingly bombarded with both verified and fake news, have posed a grandiose challenge for radio and other conventional media in delivery and public approach. 

Radio broadcasters were urged to promote their advantages and produce compelling programs catering to contemporary needs and taste.