Voice of Vietnam - an active, responsible ABU member

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(VOVWORLD) - The Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union Secretary General Javad Mottaghi has wished the newly appointed Voice of Vietnam President Do Tien Sy to further promote VOV’s development and pledged the organization’s support to all its members, including Vietnam.
Voice of Vietnam - an active, responsible ABU member - ảnh 1

Addressing an online meeting with the ABU Secretary General on Thursday, VOV President Do Tien Sy said the national broadcaster is always an active and responsible member of the ABU.

'The ABU has an inspiring spin-off effect on its members to be more responsible and responsive to the ABU community. ABU members will be major contributors to the organization’s development and benefit from further support from the ABU,' said Sy.

Javad Mottaghi said he hoped to visit to Vietnam this November when Vietnam hosts the 58th ABU General Assembly and the pandemic is under good control.