Vietnamese Ao Dai introduced in Russia

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(VOVWORLD) - Well-known designer Minh Hanh introduced Vietnamese Ao Dai (traditional long dress), its traditional value and influence in modern life at a workshop held on Friday in Moscow State Linguistic University. 
Vietnamese Ao Dai introduced in Russia - ảnh 1

Designer Minh Hanh talked about Vietnamese Ao Dai in Moscow

(Photo: Anh Tu/ VOV)

Hanh talked about the history of Ao Dai since early 19th century and its development in different periods. A fashion show featuring Vietnamese Ao Dai in various styles, materials and patterns performed by Russian students took place at the event. Liza, a student at the Moscow State Linguistic University, said: “Wearing Ao Dai is a great experience to me. I’m amazed at the traditional Ao Dai designed in modern style. I feel so great”.

Designer Minh Hanh said this is a great opportunity to promote the image of Vietnam to the Russians: “I think we should organize more such events to promote the image of Ao Dai because it represents Vietnam, its beauty and tradition. The long dress embraces great vitality to the contemporary life”.

Designer Minh Hanh will return to Moscow for a show of Vietnamese Ao Dai at the State Museum of Oriental Art.