Vietnam Security Summit 2021 seeks ways to cope with cyberspace risks

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(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnam Security Summit 2021 is being held via videoconference on Wednesday and Thursday with the participation of about 800 delegates.
Vietnam Security Summit 2021 seeks ways to cope with cyberspace risks   - ảnh 1The virtual Vietnam Security Summit 2021 (Photo:

Themed ‘Cyber Security in the Digital Age: Challenges and Solutions’, the event offers chances for experts to share ways to cope with risks in cyberspace. 

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung said:  “Vietnam ranks 25th in the Global Cybersecurity Index. The result is attributed to Vietnam’s effort to ensure cyber security in activities of organizations and individuals. We need to do more in the future because cybersecurity is a shared concern. We have to further improve our capacity to protect national prosperity and all people in the cyberspace. The Ministry of Information and Communications will launch a cybersecurity campaign for the public and offer safe apps and services on mobile devices.”

The Authority of Information Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and VTC Multimedia Company have introduced ViSafe –Internet, the first solution in the campaign to help people avoid cyber attacks and online crimes.

The event comprises three thematic sessions related to cloud computing, protection of key information network, and enterprise information system.